Combination Skin - A Problem

The Story

Hi girls. I have a problem that is not from yesterday and I do not see a cure. As you know, I have combination / mixed skin type. I get a lot of oil in the T-zone, but I've come to terms with that. The dry areas make me uncomfortable. It flakes very much around the folds of the nose, around and on the eyebrows themselves (from which whole scales fall) and in the corners of the mouth. Every day I wash with a non-aggressive face gel, I apply a cream according to my skin type, in general, all products such as facial care are according to the needs of the skin. But I can't do anything, I apply a cream to soften the skin and prepare it for PDT, but after PDT (I use a light formula) flakes see through the bottom and I get nervous. If I start chewing them, they become red spots. What to do For the record, I'm not in puberty, but 25 years old.

Last Updated
September 27, 2020