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Hello! I have read not one or two similar stories, but I want to share mine. My friend and I have been together for a year and a half and we have been living on a family basis for almost as long. A year before we "got engaged", he broke up with a woman with whom he had a 5-year relationship, from which she lived with them for 11 months. But he asked her to move out, and since then, he said, they have only seen each other when she came to his job to ask him for money. That's how he got used to giving it to her, even though he has no obligation to her, they didn't have a marriage or children, and she works too, but ... After we lived together, he told her about me and to stop milking him. However, in addition to not stopping to go to his work and get some money with "I'm sick, I need money for medicine, I broke my arm, I broke my leg", she also managed to take my phone and a year ago telephone harassment. The first time I picked her up, she told me I had been involved in a 5 year relationship, and they were still together. I explained to her that she doubted me because I had been living with him for 6 months and we were always together. He insisted that we see each other, which I refused. I asked her if she had anything else to say, if not to bother me anymore. He also yelled at her and told her not to see her again. We seem to have understood each other, but ... That evening he called me on the phone until 4 o'clock. at night and since then there is hardly a day that does not call me. I didn't pick her up anymore, I blocked her phone, he blocked it too, but she started calling from a "hidden number", which we also managed to block, but she is already starting to call from other phone numbers. I know that the option is to change our numbers, but for now it is impossible. We complained to the police, where they said

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November 11, 2020