Can I Live Alone At 16?

The Story

Hi, I'm 15. I'm a boy. Why I want to be separated from my parents at such an early age I do not want to mention. Will you tell me if this is possible. I am an excellent student with B1 certificates in English and German. I also have knowledge of programming - C ++. I even found two orders for programs on the Internet and I made them for a total of BGN 400. I was wondering if I would be accepted to do some programs in my free time in a company, when I turned 16. I even agree to a minimum wage. If you know any other job alternatives what can I do on an hourly basis can you tell me. Please, without comments such as stay with your parents, you have two more years left. The decision is mine and if there is any chance to leave I will do it. Thanks in advance for the help!

Last Updated
November 09, 2020