Best Text Recognition Tools For Online And Offline Use

These sites and software suggestions will aid you to extract the text content of images and papers so that you can work with it more easily. Online and offline Tools for text recognition with ease.
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February 02, 2020

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Office Lens (Android, iOS, Windows)

This app from Microsoft turns a smartphone or PC camera into a free document scanner. With Office Lens, you can recognize text on any physical medium and save it in one of the "office" formats or in PDF. The resulting text files are editable in Word, OneNote, and other Microsoft services integrated with Office Lens

  Recognize the snapshots of the camera.
  Saves: DOCX, PPTX, PDF.



Adobe Scan (Android, iOS)

Adobe Scan also uses your smartphone's camera to scan text documents, but only saves copies of them in PDF format. The app is completely free. The results can be conveniently exported to the cross-platform Adobe Acrobat service, which allows you to edit PDF files: highlight, underline and cross out words, perform text searches, and add comments.

Recognize the snapshots of the camera.
Saves: PDF.



FineReader (Web, Android, iOS, Windows)

FineReader is famous for its high recognition accuracy. Unfortunately, the free features of the tool are limited: after registration, you will be allowed to scan only 10 pages. But every month they will charge another five pages as a bonus. A subscription cost of 129 euros allows you to scan up to 5,000 pages per year, and also gives you access to a desktop PDF editor.

Recognizes jpeg, tiff, BMP, png, pdf, CAMERA IMAGES.
Saves: Doc, docx, XLS, and XLSX-file format, TXT, RTF, PDF, PDF/a, PPTX, epub, in fb2 formats.




Online OCR (Web)

Web tool for text and table recognition. Without registration, Online OCR allows you to convert up to 15 documents per hour for free. After creating an account, you can scan 50 pages without time limits and unlock all output formats. For each additional page, the service asks from 0.8 cents: the more you buy, the lower the cost.


Recognizes jpeg, GIF, TIFF, BMP or PNG PCX format, in PDF format.
Saves: txt, doc, docx, xlsx, PDF.



img2txt (Free Web Tool)

Free online Converter that exists through advertising. img2txt processes file quickly, but the recognition accuracy is not always satisfactory. The service allows fewer errors if the text on the uploaded images is written in the same language, is located horizontally and is not interrupted by images.

Recognizes JPEG, PNG, PDF.
Saves: PDF, TXT, DOC, PDF.




Microsoft OneNote (Windows, macOS)

Microsoft OneNote (Windows, macOS)

The desktop version of the popular OneNote Notepad also has a text recognition function that works with images uploaded to notes. If you right-click on a document snapshot and select "Copy text from drawing" in the menu that appears, all text content will be in the clipboard.

The program is available for free.

Recognizes popular image formats.
Saves: DOC, PDF.



Readiris 17 (Windows, macOS)

Powerful professional program for working with PDF and text recognition. Converts documents in different languages, with high accuracy. But it costs Readiris 17, respectively - from 49 to 199 euros, depending on the number of functions. You can install a trial version that will run for free for 10 days. To do this, you need to register on the Readiris website, download the program to your computer and enter data from your account in it.

Recognizes JPEG, PNG, PDF, and others.
Saves: PDF, TXT, PPTX, DOCX, XLSX, and others.

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