Battle For Cleanliness: Who Better To Clean - A Man Or A Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

The battlefield is an ordinary two-room apartment with parquet and tiled floors, where crumbs, cat toilet filler, wool, and hair are like to gather. The rivals are the editor of Aidwiki and Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 950.
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June 13, 2020

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What is the essence of the competition

Artificially complicated tasks such as millet in the carpet or a layer of debris thick in the finger on the floor in all rooms was not supposed. After all, the robot vacuum cleaner is needed first of all for regular and such boring cleaning.


On my side: floorbing, scoop, flat mop with nozzle. Videos with these tools in the work were not done: nothing revolutionary and new in the process of "manual" cleaning is not.

On the high-tech side: Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 950. Judging by the description, thanks to the laser sensor, it is able to compose and memorize up to three most detailed maps of the room to clean even more carefully and not to miss anything, as well as recognize carpets and clean them with more power. It's a good reason to check it out.

The robot and I were going through the same tests, but on different days. The efforts were assessed on five parameters. Victory is for the strongest (i.e. the most diligent and effective).



What was assessed

The front of the works is a kitchen, bedroom, hall, bathroom and carpet corridor.


Sweep all this space I can in 25 minutes, wet cleaning will take a little longer. Both, including procedures to "wet and press the nozzle, put it on the mop, and so several times" and "wet the brush to clean the rue, and rinse it as needed," can take an hour or a little longer. As it happened this time.


In the application, you can set him the route of cleaning and its parameters, identify priority zones and establish areas where you can not visit. But in the "test race" he traveled without restrictions, all over the apartment, as for the first time he was making a route.

As a result, the robot got ahead of me: judging by the application, coped in 38 minutes. It turned out that both dry and wet cleaning vacuum cleaner can do at the same time. You just need to pour water into a special tank, put a nozzle of microfiber and choose the desired mode in the application. Turbos collect garbage on their way, and after them the nozzle, which is dosed water, passes through the same places. However, the mechanism just wipes the floors, and not wash carefully, as I would do.

Interestingly, the robot can be sent to charge, even if there is water in the tank. After all, it is given to the nozzle of microfiber only when the gadget is in motion. However, only hard surfaces can wash the vacuum cleaner, so when wet cleaning just goes around the carpets.

Bottom line: 0.5 points to me (if I did not have to do wet cleaning of the carpet, I would be behind the robot for a measly 15 minutes); 1 point high technology.




The degree of visual purity after cleaning is easiest to assess in the kitchen, bathroom and hallway. There the main contaminants are food crumbs, hair and filler for the cat's toilet respectively.


I coped with the kitchen without worries: crumbs, grains, fragments of cat food and everything that survived from the last harvest, it is easy to collect a click. Although the first time, sweep everything on the scoop will not work. The bathroom is also simple: even if the hair is not very willing to stick to the snush, a mop with a wet nozzle solves the problem.

Thanks to considerable efforts and wet taste, I coped with the smallest pellets of wood filler on the carpet, and at the same time with hair and wool tucked in the pile. The problem is that wet cleaning for the carpet I try to do no more than a couple of times a month in the name of its own safety.



The robot, as it turned out, just wipes the floors, and does not clean and wet cleaning carpets can not. However, in dry cleaning mode, he fiercely struggled with the filler in the mode of more powerful suction Max. And this despite the fact that a couple of times threads, treacherously climbed on the edges of the carpet, reeled on the toothbrush of the vacuum cleaner. The clever gadget immediately informed me about it: an alarming message appeared in the application. And until I fixed the problem, he didn't keep working.

Bottom line: 1 point to me, 0.5 points to the robot.




Cleaning quality is not only visible cleanliness. Here means attention to hard-to-reach places: all sorts of corners and space under batteries and some furniture.


I can't tear off literally every inch of the apartment, but this time, as always, honestly swept and washed wherever the brush or my hand will reach. Cleaning the floors under the dresser in the hall had hands and half-lying, as the mop just does not crawl. But to wash the area under the sofa in the same room, you need to move the furniture, because there will not get anything.



The creation of Ecovacs, as it turned out, is able to clean up wherever its clicks can get. And its round shape doesn't interfere with the corners. In the case of the sofa, we are in an equal position, but under the dresser the device climbed without problems, as it is only 93 mm high. And, according to the manufacturer, the gadget can collect debris from crevices and joints up to 4 mm deep, for example, in the place of connection of flooring and battery risers.

Totals: 0.5 points to me; 1 point to the robot vacuum cleaner (just for the fact that it safely passes where a person would have to wash with his hands).



Careful cleaning

Of course, this is not the option that could be considered very important when choosing a specific tool for cleaning, because of a much more important quality. And yet the reaction of the animal is worth mentioning.


Whatever the cleaning - vacuuming or a regular click with a snot, my pet does not please. In both cases, the cat is frightened when the furniture moves and tends to climb higher. I hope that this has no consequences for her, as the animal is quite old (15 years).



The Included Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 950 scared her, too, at first, especially when "talking." But the animal chose not to hide, and to move to a safe distance and watch the object almost all the time cleaning. And when the gadget went to the base, my beast dared to approach it and sniff with interest. The cat did not dare to use the robot as a vehicle, as hundreds of its brothers do on the Internet. But I was happy to take the box from the vacuum cleaner - as soon as she was released for a while. For this and the score to give is not sorry.

Bottom line: 1 point to the robot vacuum cleaner.



Effect on the cat

Here the conditions are not equal already because we use different types of resources, so there will be no comparison. I've spent time cleaning up. A robot vacuum cleaner is a charge of energy that it received from electricity. By the way, the device will last for 200 minutes.

And this is the case when it is pleasant to give in to artificial intelligence. After all, while the gadget is struggling with dust, I can do something more interesting. The nearly 40 minutes it took him to clean up is, for example, two episodes of the series of 22 minutes, if you rewind the opening credits. Or a video call to parents.

Bottom line: 1 point in favor of Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 950.




In the final of this competition I have 2 points, and the robot - 4.5. This does not mean that the gadget is removed at times better than me. After all, it is impossible to measure it with precision. But these devices certainly have a number of advantages:

Small dimensions that will allow you to get to hard-to-reach places. The ability to clean on a single charge for more than 3 hours. Maximum autonomy. The robot vacuum cleaner will do all the work itself and will distract me only by asking to empty the dust collector or clean the toothbrush. An app where you can set cleaning parameters, including its volume.

The functionality of the robot will not replace a full-fledged general cleaning with detergents. But it can be a good help for daily cleanliness. This means that the same cleaning can be done much faster, without killing half a day.

And if he does not have enough charge, he will return to his station and after the recharge will continue to work from the place where he finished. And although the device looks pretty impressive, for the safety of furniture you can not worry. After all, sensitive sensors and soft bumpers allow it to gently bypass obstacles.

This model is suitable even for large houses: the robot is able to scan and make interactive maps of several floors.

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