Avast Antivirus Software Review In 2020

Learn more about Avast Antivirus Software in 2020. Inform detailed about utilities have announced, how good is the protecting shield against attacks and comprehensive benchmarks to review Avast Software in 2020.
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March 14, 2020

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What is Avast Antivirus Software?

Most likely, you, as an Internet user, already know that it is not recommended to use the Internet without an antivirus, otherwise, your computer may become infected with the most dangerous viruses, which will eventually affect its performance, not to mention that you will have to spend a lot of time to clean your PC and OS from the consequences. However, you do not need to buy an antivirus, because there is free security SOFTWARE that can fight viruses, which is exactly what the famous Avast is.


What features should a modern antivirus have?

It goes without saying that antivirus software is designed to protect your computer from viruses and other harmful SOFTWARE, but there are other parameters that determine the quality of the protection program, especially:

Antivirus software should be easy to use and manage. The more settings it has – the better it is for a professional user, so it is preferable to be able to include additional configuration items;

Antivirus software should minimally load the user's computer, otherwise, it will irritate the person who uses the PC;
The antivirus must also offer good technical support so that the user can get an answer to their question.

So, we have figured out what parameters a good antivirus should have, but what about Avast, can It boast of something similar even though it is a free distribution method?




What are the advantages of Avast antivirus


  • Avast is free for home use, although free avast has limited functionality;

  • The convenient and simple the interface of the program;

  • It is not demanding on the resources of a personal computer, which ensures high scanning speed;

  • Good technical support for users;

  • There is a "game" mode in which all notifications will be completely disabled;

  • Timely release of the most up-to-date updates and virus databases;

  • The antivirus program is updated automatically and does not require any actions from the user;

  • Excellent compatibility with legacy Windows;

  • High speed of full virus scanning even on outdated computers;

  • There is a technology for scanning before starting the operating system, thanks to which you can remove viruses that infected system files before they were activated;

  • Low cost of commercial licenses;

  • The extensive selection of licenses;

  • The ability to install special plug-ins from the manufacturer of the antivirus;

  • There is a possibility to get remote help;

  • Built-in protection against visiting malicious sites, The avast SafeZone Browser is installed together with the antivirus program;

  • Good reputation among users and critics, free Avast is recognized as one of the best in its category;

  • Short installation time, even a novice can download avast from the Internet and install it on your computer;

  • A good level of protection against virus attacks;

  • Automatic analysis of potential threats that help protect your computer from unknown viruses, Trojans, and spyware;

  • Constantly checking the system processes that are running;

  • Ad protection function;

  • The ability to combine multiple computers into one secure network, so that information about the infection of one PC is displayed on all computers;

  • Availability of versions for various platforms: Windows, OS X, and Android;

  • Real-time virus protection.



Avast Disadvantages and Weaknesses

  • Limited functionality of the free version;

  • Prohibiting the use of a free the license in commercial organizations, free avast can only be installed to protect your home computer;

  • Not the best protection against phishing Internet pages;

  • Poor work with archives and executables;

  • When activating the free version, you must register on the developer's website;

  • When you set the maximum security level in the antivirus program settings it loads the system very much;

  • Sometimes there are false deletions of non-infected files due to not perfect threat analysis;

  • Like all antivirus programs, it is not able to provide absolute protection;

  • Much worse detects spyware software;

  • It is almost completely incompatible with antivirus software from other companies, and it is not recommended to install it together with another antivirus programs;

  • Some modules of the program require Flash Player installed on the computer, which can greatly affect the security of the system, since this program adds many vulnerabilities to the operating system;

  • It is not convenient to add a file to the list of antivirus exceptions;

  • Protection in the browser requires the installation of an additional plugin.

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