Authoritarian Parent At Home - How To Cope?

The Story

I have had a very serious problem for a year, but in recent months this problem has become more frequent. I am a 17 year old girl who is quite social and communicative. I like to go out and be with friends. But here's the problem: Until 2016, I had no friends, no environment, no communication with my peers. I was constantly with my mother and grandmother. And suddenly after 2016 I started slowly going out, to be among my friends I found. I broke away from the middle of my mother and grandmother. But they didn't like that. I also have a friend with whom I am happy since last fall. But my mother and grandmother do not approve of it at all. There are constant scandals and quarrels, my mother keeps some terrible control over me. He wants to always be in her opinion and to do what she wants. I like it already, I can barely contain myself, and my patience is running out. I don't want to do nonsense and I restrain myself, but I don't know how long I will continue like this ... Please help me.

Last Updated
September 24, 2020