Australia Burned ...

The Story

I watched the fires in the news, then on YouTube and cried. Poor people over 20 died in fires, and for the wild animals I am most sad because they can not escape and who can save them .. Miloin animals are dead. Unique to the world and Australia are now on the verge of extinction. Their environment is incinerated, millions of koalas, different species of kangaroos, wombats, birds and everything from the unique Australian nature are alive and burned. Record drought, strong winds, powerless people, complete shock and horror. And the bad thing is that there is no hope and the worst is yet to come. I have no words, I am very sad. And the world doesn't care, everyone lives aimlessly, that USA is waging war with Iran, here the dams are drying up but no one is to blame and they are just lying, the whole planet is full of misery, to drop nuclear bombs and end this lost world already, terrible agony of a civilization, otherwise they go to Mars,

Last Updated
November 08, 2020