Audrey Fleurot

Born 06 July, 1977 ( 44 years old) in Mantes-la-Jolie, France .

What is the zodiac sign of Audrey Fleurot ?
According to the birthday of Audrey Fleurot the astrological sign is Cancer .

Audrey Fleurot's Height is 170 cm. ( 5 ft 6 ins).

Currently, Audrey Fleurot is in a civil marriage.

Occupation: cinema, actress.

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August 01, 2020




Audrey Fleurot is a French film and television actress, best known for her roles in the film "1 + 1" and the TV series "French Town", "Camelot". She has taken part in dozens of French television projects and theater productions.

Audrey Fleurot was born on July 6, 1977 in the north of France, in the city of Mantes-la-Joly. Little is known about the girl's parents, only that her father is a firefighter. From 1995 to 1997, the girl studied at the University of Saint Charles in Paris. Then the future actress entered the National School of Theater Arts and Technology in Leon and studied there for 3 years.

After receiving her acting training in 2000, Audrey Fleurot began to play in many plays, and also appears on television - including in one of the episodes of the hit comedy sitcom "Seriously Now" and as Marina in the television drama "Cold as Summer" ...

But it was thanks to the success of the series "Camelot", in which Fleurot played the Lady of the Lake Vivian for 6 seasons, that the girl saw her creative potential.

Also, a significant role in the career of the actress was played by her participation in the filming of the detective television series "Gears" about the workers of the French legal system. The first season was released in 2005. In 2019, the release of the 7th season is planned. Audrey plays the lawyer Josephine Karlsson in it and now.




The actress began to try herself in big cinema with small roles in comedies - "Two Worlds" in 2007 and "Women from the 4th Floor" in 2010. The following year, Audrey was invited to star in the director Woody Allen in the melodrama Midnight in Paris. On the first day of filming, the actress decided to greet Allen by shaking his hand. To which the director, known for a large number of phobias, recoiled. It is not known whether this was a coincidence or not, but the scenes with the participation of the girl were significantly curtailed during the editing.

Nevertheless, participation in the film of such an eminent director, albeit in a cameo role as a party goer, greatly brightened Audrey's filmography. Another important stage in the career of the actress was the shooting with Olivier Nakash and Eric Toledano in the biographical tragicomedy "1 + 1" (in the French version "The Untouchables"), in which Fleurot played the assistant of the main character - the paralyzed aristocrat Philippe.

"1 + 1" was named the most popular film in France in 2011 and the most profitable foreign film, grossing $ 426.5 million. The film was nominated for the Golden Globe, Cesar, British and European Film Academies. In addition to Audrey Fleurot, François Cluse, Omar C and Clotilde Mollet also starred in the film.

Актриса продолжила работу в кино, снявшись в романтической комедии "Нежность", основанной на одноименном книжном романе писателя Давида Фонкиноса. Главные роли в фильме сыграли тезка Флеро Одри Тоту и Франсуа Дамиенс. Артистке досталась роль секретарши одного из героев по имени Ингрид. "Нежность" была выдвинута на премию "Сезар" в номинациях "Лучший адаптированный сценарий" и "Лучшая дебютная работа".

Таким образом, 2011 год стал уникальным в биографии молодой актрисы. Участие в таких успешных картинах, как "Полночь в Париже", "Нежность" и "Неприкасаемые", вышедших на большой экран, приоткрыло ей дорогу в массовый кинематограф.

С 2012 года Одри продолжает регулярно появляться на телевидении, особенно ярко – в историческом сериале "Французская деревня". С этого года ее творческая биография начинает пестрить съемками в комедийных фильмах. Она снимается в комедиях "Спецагенты на отдыхе" (2012) в роли президента Соединенных Штатов и "Удивительная жизнь учителей" (2013) в роли строгой учительницы, скрывающей забавный секрет. В том же году играет Джессику в картине "Королевы ринга" о четырех подругах-кассирах, решивших изменить свою жизнь и переквалифицироваться в боксеров.

В 2014 году выходит трагикомедия "Газели" о жизни женщин старше 30, которые находятся в поиске себя и смысла жизни. Флеро играет одну из главных ролей. Далее - съемки в мелодраме о ревности "Красива, как чужая жена" и в комедии "Красотки в Париже", вдохновляющей на любовь к себе не только в молодости, но и в зрелые годы. В проекте вместе с Одри приняли участие такие яркие француженки, как Изабель Аджани, Ванесса Паради и Летиция Каста.

Следующий год становится не самым насыщенным в карьере актрисы - она снимается лишь в одном сериале "Десять процентов" как камео. Также в проекте играют самих себя Моника Беллуччи, Жюльет Бинош, Изабель Юппер и многие другие знаменитости.

В 2016 году Одри снимается в двух фильмах - фэнтези "Кентервильское привидение" и комедии "Идеаль", являющейся продолжением фильма "99 франков". В 2018 году актрисе предлагают принять участие в съемках британского сериала "Безопасность", снятого американской студией «Нетфликс». Детективная драма повествует о хирурге Томе, чья жена умерла, а дочь пропала. В мае студия выложила в Сеть 8 серий, в 2019 году планируется выход 2-го сезона.



Personal life

Audrey Fleurot is in a relationship with actor, director and screenwriter Jibril Glissan. The lovers met at the beginning of 2014 in Latin dance classes. For the first time, the couple was published at the French Open tennis championship. In November 2015, Audrey and her common-law husband had their first child, their son Lou. Fleurot easily manages to combine personal life and profession, since her family helps her every day. The couple has no other children yet.

The actress is 175 cm tall and weighs 59 kg. Audrey has a great figure, which she proudly displays in her lingerie and swimsuit photo shoots.

Celebrity left-handed. Fleurot has myopia and wears contact lenses. The actress often films them during filming, as she believes that the blurry picture helps to add a sense of dramatic involvement to the process.

Audrey considers Simone Signoret and Romy Schneider to be her favorite actresses and main inspirations.



Audrey Fleurot now

In 2019, it is planned to release several new series and films with the participation of Audrey Fleurot.

The actress is not the most active user of social networks; she rarely posts photos on her Instagram profile.




2007 - "Two Worlds" 2010 - "Women from the 6th Floor" 2011 - "Midnight in Paris" 2011 - "1 + 1" 2011 - "Tenderness" 2012 - "Prime of Power" 2013 - "The Amazing Life of Teachers" 2013 - Queens of the Ring 2013 - Fonzie 2014 - Beauties in Paris 2016 - The Canterville Ghost 2016 - Ideal

2018 - "Security"



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