Arrhythmia Review (Tragicomedy, 2017)

Learn more about the movie "Arrhythmia" released in 2017. Honestly review and critics. Is it worthing to watch "Arrhythmia"?
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Arrhythmia - Storyline, Actors And Ratings

The movie "Arrhythmia" is a tragicomedy production.

IMDB rated the movie with 7.8 / 10.

According to Google Users - 92% of the people watched the movie liked the story.

Director: Boris Khlebnikov

Actors: Alexander Yatsenko, Irina Gorbacheva, Nikolai Shreiber, Maxim Lagashkin, Albina Tikhanova, Alexander Samoilenko, Elena Drobysheva, Evgeny Muravich, Anna Kotova, Nadezhda Markina

Aritmiya has been produced with the budget of Charges in Russia: $ 1.4 million. Very good movie from the series "On Life". The recall of the cat Bublik Khlebnikov and his team cannot turn the lack of aesthetics into a special kind of aesthetics; it doesn't seem like they were trying. Maria Kuvshinova, The VillageThe final picture of the competition "Kinotavr", "Arrhythmia" by Boris Khlebnikov, was the main disappointment of the festival. Vasily Koretsky, Colta It’s enough to watch the trailer to understand what kind of movie it is, only in Russia, probably our real life is transferred to the cinema, but why should I really pay for this?

I can watch this for free! Valintin The film is mediocre and empty. The fake drama of relations, the unconvincing play of actors, disgusting prolonged sex scene, meaningless dialogues. I hardly watched until the end. It is very strange to read all these reviews about light and deep cinema. TatianaHero - an ambulance doctor is either on duty or completely drunk. How one can be permanently drunk and a good acting doctor is not very clear. They smoke and drink all the time. I was surprised that at the same time, and the action is compressed to the side chapel - there is always new bedding on the bed. MarinaNet Of course, in the kitchen with his wife (???) let him do what he wants, although there is no macho !! But you that the woman sublingually appointed scum! A plastic bullet ?! You are the director of all the assistants slandered. We never do that.



Arrhythmia Review

Spouses Oleg (Alexander Yatsenko) and Katya (Irina Gorbacheva) are both medics: they work in one of the city's clinics Yaroslavl. Oleg - doctor on "Emergency help," Katya is a doctor in the waiting room.

Oleg is a true professional and, In general, a good man. He's great. a diagnostician who knows a doctor sympathizes with sick and believes he must save patients no matter what. At the same time, Oleg's work behaves rather harshly and He's not afraid of anything.

However, when he comes home after work, it turns into a kind of infantile and weak-characteristic a guy who has only one task: it's like getting into the flaps as quickly as possible, to turn it off for a while. head on with everything he's got have to face at work.

Doctors' salaries are cheap, they are also constantly fined left-to-right for violating instructions written officials sitting in warm offices, so that Oleg and Katya have money No, they can't buy an apartment, and even on the set they can afford only one-room halupa with repairs in the style of "just to smear a little, well, It'll come down."

Actually, Katya is from a wealthy family, but her parents don't help her: they don't understand why my daughter married this underbelly-alkasha.

She's not like that. Understands. What kind of family are they with? Yes No. Work schedules don't match, Katya comes off duty perfectly exhausted, and she would just fall asleep, and Oleg at this point can fall with by the company of medics, anticipating a cheerful Drunk.

Well and once again, when Katya and Oleg come to the cottage to his parents, and Oleg drank before, drank on the road and quickly got into a fight on arrival, Katya sends him on the phone message that she wants a divorce.

Wants - it is clear, and where Oleg How much to do it? As a result, the couple They're going to... two rooms. Well, more precisely, to the room and the kitchen, because they have one. Katya stays in the room, Oleg is given mattress, and he's smoking in the kitchen.

The time from his substation "Emergency help" resigned the chief who appreciated the doctors and always tried to their cover, and a new chief appeared - Vitaly Golovko (Maxim Lagashkin), who immediately stated that in In line with the ongoing reform Health care for "Emergency" new orders are being introduced that themselves doctors are shocked. They don't understand how they can work normally with these new rules.


We have to. say that the output of "Arrhythmia" made a lot of noise. And it's not even about main prize plus prize for best actor Alexander Yatsenko at "Kinotavr-2017" and the prize for Best Actor Alexandra Yatsenko at the festival in Carlsbad in the same 2017.

It's just this movie. really very quickly drew on themselves the attention of viewers and critics, and both were almost unanimous: Boris Khlebnikov turned out to be a very good movie that few left untouched.

Immediately I'll say, I think of Arrhythmia, too. very good film, even great. I am I love pro-life movies, but the problem here is that take off such a picture to have in it this life displayed in all its diversity and ambiguity, and yes to this it didn't look fake, very, very Uneasy. Boris Khlebnikov has this It's a go.

"Arrhythmia" is actually divided into two more or less Equivalent parts: production drama and domestic tragicomedy.

A what interesting, even though life Oleg and Katie are pretty hopeless and at work, and at home, "Arrhythmia" absolutely not impressed some kind of "blackbird" (which is often reproached "Leviathan" by svyagintsev). This is very conducive to the fact that Khlebnikov does not draw anything unequivocally black or uniquely white paint. And at it turns out to be absolutely living people with all its virtues and flaws, and perfectly real situation.

Who In the film Oleg? Unambiguous squabble? It's nothing like that! He's good. professional, he saves people. More he's ready to save people, even substituting himself. What does he drink? after work -- well so you try work as an ambulance doctor for poor salary, having over his head dozens of all sorts of departmental instructions, some of which are in practice unrealizable at all, constantly colliding with not always adequately yourself leading relatives of people who are you have to save by constantly swooping on all sorts of fines that your and so-and-so squalid wages are actually turned into fiction, - here's how to work. I'll see what you'll drink after work and in what Quantities.

Wu I was a good friend of mine working for the Ambulance, I have a friend who works as a manager. Neonatal Intensive Care Unit - I I've heard a lot from them and I've heard a lot of things. I've seen it. I don't understand at all how can people work in such conditions and they're also paid mere pennies.

Some people, when they hear about it, contemptuously snort and say, "Think, the salary is poor. They're doctors. They they are extorting money from patients all the time." Well, yes, there are also doctors who extort money from patients. And there is doctors who don't have any money extort, but just save lives. And if sick or relative of the patient doctor's envelope with, so to speak, material gratitude, the doctor has a very real opportunity to please under criminal case on the fact of receiving Bribes.

This is Because if an official steals a few tens of millions (especially - billion) - he could be "ay-yay-yay" for it. say and even maybe under the home arrest for a month to put. And the doctor, which is given five thousand rubles as a thank you for the rescued life can be concretely rattled by bunks: who's the valiant cops refuse to do a brilliant investigation into the bribery Official?

That's Oleg under all this and walks, Oleg faces it every day. Who will condemn him for drinking after Work? I'm not going to judge him.

Yes his family is destroying it, and can't help but Destroy. Yes, Katya his, apparently, still loves it, but to endure it all no longer wants and can't because it's already No family. Their relationship has gone into there is no way out of it. And Boris Khlebnikov, in fact, no recipes and does not give - that's exactly the most ordinary life, it's her just Displays.

Alexander Oleg Yatsenko played perfectly Awesome. The character turned out very sincere and very natural. And in everything: and in the way he works at the Ambulance, and the way he's slobbering, and in the fact that how he's trying to save the family life with Katya.

It it's impossible for a character not to sympathize, but you're well aware that nothing change he won't be able to that with Katya they will part, and what will happen next - it's better not to even think. It's not good. It won't be there. But Oleg himself is not about it ponders: he does his job, he trying to pull himself off. This is the one his life.

Katya was played by Irina Gorbacheva - good actress, beautiful woman and, By the way, star "Instagram" where she has under two a million subscribers.

Irina seems too bright and too beautiful for the role of a tortured life and drinking husband doctors from the waiting room Peace. But it's already worked a few factors that have helped Irina I think I got into the role very precisely. This is also the acting skills of Irina herself, and a well-thought-out staging -- with point of view of directing and cinematography work -- and the script.

In the As a result, Katya turned out to be just like that, What it takes: she beats every day forehead about the wall, she tries to part with Oleg, whom she still loves, she does not may part with it, but she's in any case will have to do it because Oleg is on the path of self-destruction and doesn't want to do anything about it, but rather He can't do all that.

Of I really liked the other roles. paramedic, nearest assistant Oleg Dima Yakushkin - he played well Nicholas Schreiber. Hefty can the guy who is nevertheless completely obeys the puny Oleg and it is clear that he has great respect for Oleg as Professional. A few episodes with Yakushkin - just great.

Well and another interesting character - a new Ambulance substation chief Vitaly Golovko, who played by Maxim Lagashkin. At the first time it meeting with the substation staff it seems that we are dealing with the most hateful type: such a stroking bureaucrat who doesn't think about substation workers, and only about unrigorously performing all sorts of points of this reform, which is basically aimed at the fact that there is still work to be done more, and even less to receive.

The no less than again the picture of "Arrhythmia" and good -- he too turns out to be the character is utterly ambiguous. Yes it requires the performance of appropriate instructions because its going there for that's what they put it. But he, as it turned out, knows well the specifics of doctors' work "Emergency" and he will protect them from workers in other divisions.

Yes it severely limited the time of work brigades with one patient, against which doctors strongly object, but in his position there's a reason. He says: guys, let's at least somehow we're going to try to help everyone, how to help one and generally we won't help others. There's one in the same way. certain logic: he knows how the number of cars and people substation, he knows what kind of number of calls they have to Leave. From the doctor's point of view, he should help the patient and monitor his condition after assistance. In terms of substation chief -- he can't to leave the people who called the ambulance without doctor's visit. So it's going to be tough. Limits.

And in the final scene where Headhead is kind of like looks like a scoundrel trying to impact on the almost distraught from grieving woman -- well, who he was doing trying to cover up? It's not just yourself. And first of all - Oleg and the doctors resuscitation, which can safely to be put on trial.

Very much good movie, loved it. Life as it is, people as they are -- with all their virtues and disadvantages. Excellent directing, excellent acting work is really wonderful Film.

And despite all the impasse situation, the picture leaves a very good aftertaste. Reasons for this There are no, but somehow you believe that Oleg and Katya are still still it's going to work out, that's something of it. that's what's going to happen. It seems that Oleg in this and He believes. But unfortunately, Katya's not believes perfectly.


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