An Effective Method For Hair Removal Of The Legs

The Story

Hello! As a girl, I am also passionate about hair removal, mainly on the legs. Until now I did it with an epilator or a razor, but with the epilator my skin becomes very inflamed and the hairs subsequently grow back, which is a super annoying problem. Shaving, on the other hand, turns my hair into a kind of "beard" - it becomes thick, the skin begins to hurt with more and more shaving, and this is inevitable because the hairs begin to grow overnight, black, thick and visible. I need to mention that I'm a little bad financially (I just broke away from my parental income, a student) and I can't afford regular cosmetic procedures in a studio. I decided to buy a wax mask heater and make it at home, but is it effective Please girls and women with more experience to share which is the most efficient method and budget of course and does not cause ingrown hairs in the future. Share what procedures you do for smoother and non-inflamed skin of the feet - exfoliation with what products (I do it with coffee grounds), do you use baby powder and what creams do you apply after hair removal. Thank you :)

Last Updated
September 27, 2020