Am I Gay?

The Story

Hi! My story is (May) the typical unconscious pedal, but because I do not want to be such I decided to tell you and you to share. So it's very complicated... How can I tell you in two words when it comes to boyfriend (with the simplest explanation) and family life, etc. I can not imagine having a man friend, and at the same time when it comes to sex and I imagine with women, but mostly with men. When I masturbate I always imagine men. I have been doing things and I love it, but I also have the feeling that I'm going to like it with a woman too. The weirdest thing is I'm a virgin and... Can I actually determine whether I'm gay or not when I'm not sleeping with a woman or a man? Not as soon as I ask myself this question in my head pops up that it's not all about sex, attracting me, and many other things in men. Offf I do not know I do not know...... I think I'm a clean homo:)

Last Updated
May 24, 2020