Aleksandr Samoylov

Born 29 October, 1952 ( 69 years old) in Kemerovo, Russia .

What is the zodiac sign of Aleksandr Samoylov ?
According to the birthday of Aleksandr Samoylov the astrological sign is Scorpio .

Currently, Aleksandr Samoylov is married.

Occupation: actor, cinema.

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October 05, 2020

Aleksandr Samoylov



Alexander Vladimirovich Samoilov is the son of the People's Artist of the USSR Vladimir Yakovlevich Samoilov, a wonderful theater and film actor. The filmography of the actor is dozens of paintings and TV series. Together with theatrical works, the number of Samoilov's reincarnations on the set and on the theatrical stage exceeded a hundred.

In 1997, Alexander Samoilov was awarded the title of Honored Artist of the Russian Federation for his high professionalism.



Childhood and youth

Front-line soldier Vladimir Samoilov met love in his native Odessa in the summer of the post-war 1945. The beautiful sophomore of the theater school Nadezhda Lyashenko was looked after by several gentlemen, but Samoilov "won" the girl from everyone.

On the stage of the Russian drama theater in Odessa, the parents of Alexander Samoilov took their first steps in their careers as students. The poor health of Vladimir Yakovlevich made the spouses move to Kemerovo - the doctors recommended Siberian air.

Nadezhda Samoilova appeared on the stage of the Kemerovo Drama Theater until the last day of her pregnancy, so the first-born Alexander “played” with his mother in the production of The Brothers Karamazov until his birth at the end of October 1952 under the sign of the Scorpio zodiac.

The first 6 years of Alexander Samoilov's life were spent in the room of a theater hostel in Kemerovo. In 1958, the family moved to Gorky, to the theater, which was the leader in the ranking of the country's provincial scenes.

Until the age of 10, the teenager did not cause trouble for his parents: he brought fives and fours, avoided fights. But he himself was beaten repeatedly: the hooligans regularly took money from the skinny bespectacled intellectual, and they beat him mercilessly when trying to escape. The front-line father did not like this state of affairs, and when, instead of pity, Sasha heard that his father was ashamed of him, he learned to fight back.

When Alexander Samoilov turned 14, his parents remembered the cute boy with regret. Studying on the teen's priority list fell to the bottom lines, and the first were taken by football, girls, the music of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. The guy annoyed the teachers with the Beatles' hairstyle, regular truancy and poor academic performance.

Father, having come home after a visit to school, with the words "I'll show you Rio de Janeiro!" took his son's snow-white trousers, stepped on one leg, and pulled at the other with all his might. Dad gave Alexander a ruble and sent him to the hairdresser.

Young Samoilov learned the lesson of discipline, but it was too late. Soon the parents were summoned to the Moscow Mayakovsky Theater. But the characterization given to Sasha in Gorky allowed the guy to continue his studies only at a school for "difficult" teenagers - he was not taken to a "decent" one.

In the capital, Alexander Samoilov settled down faster than his parents. He earned money by blackmail, exchanging October stars for cigarettes and chewing gum with foreigners. "Deficit" was sold to high school students and students.

In the final grade, Alexander Samoilov "went overboard" on his studies: after the army he was going to become a pilot. In the military registration and enlistment office, the guy was "grounded", having discovered progressive myopia. Sasha was not going to enter anywhere other than the flight school, so he continued to earn money by farts. In order not to be kicked out of Moscow for parasitism, I worked "anywhere" for 4 years. He worked as an elevator operator and orderly in a morgue, was an illuminator at the Mosfilm studio, washed gold in Siberia with a brigade of former prisoners.




The cinematic biography of Alexander Samoilov began unexpectedly. The father was approved for the lead role in the drama Kingfisher by Vyacheslav Nikiforov, but filming stalled due to the unsuccessful search for a candidate for Kingfisher in his youth. The director and screenwriter, seeing Samoilov Jr., offered him a role. Samples for photo and film cameras convinced the director even more of the correctness of his choice. So Alexander got on the set. Long hair had to be sacrificed for the role of a partisan.

The premiere of the military drama took place in the capital's cinema "October". The debut of the young artist was a success. Alexander Samoilov first felt the taste of fame, but he was not going to enter a theater university and develop an acting career. In 1973, a 21-year-old boy set out to become a diplomat, but a meeting with Maya Menglet's son, Alexei, drastically changed his plans. Together, young people entered GITIS and ended up in the workshop of Andrei Goncharov.

During his student years, Alexander Samoilov starred in the films "Romance of Lovers", "Son of the Chairman" and "Roadside". The certified artist was accepted into the troupe of the V. Mayakovsky Theater. On this stage, Samoilov played key roles in the performances "The Life of Klim Samgim", "Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District", "The Lizard". In the A. Ostrovsky Drama Theater, the actor appeared on stage in the performances "Guilty Without Guilt" and "The Master and Margarita".

In 1994, Samoilov was invited to work at the M. Gorky Academic Theater, where he played roles in the performances "The White Guard", "Vassa Zheleznova", "At the Bottom". Fame came to the artist after appearing on the screen. Alexander Samoilov, in tandem with Natalya Varley, starred in the melodrama "Today or Never".

In 1980, a detective story "The Sicilian Defense" was released, in which the leading roles went to Nikolai Volkov Jr., Alexander Abdulov and Alexander Samoilov. Another prominent role was played in the 1980s in the historical and revolutionary film of the Odessa Film Studio "Battle at the Crossroads".

In the 2000s, viewers saw the actor in TV series that were released on screens in huge numbers. Samoilov starred in a supporting role in the detective project "Women's Logic", where Alisa Freindlich played the Russian "Miss Marple". In the series "Two Fates" Alexander Vladimirovich reincarnated as a businessman Boris Butusov. The tape gained high ratings, and the producers continued it for another 2 seasons, in which the artist appeared again in the role of Butusov.

The actor played negative roles no less convincingly than positive ones. And if Butusov in "Two Fates" turned out to be a real villain, then the role of Lieutenant Colonel Nefedov in the 4-episode military drama "At Nameless Height" made the audience empathize with the hero of Samoilov.

The premiere of the film took place on the central TV channels of Russia on May 9, 2004. Samoilov Jr. is bombarded with proposals. He appears in the TV series "On the corner, at the Patriarch's", the 8th season of "Soldiers", the criminal projects "Trace" and "Hour of Volkov".

In the crime series "Witch Doctor", the artist reincarnated as investigator Vladimir Mukhu. According to the plot, the protagonist is a successful doctor, and is imprisoned on false charges. As it turns out later, the closest people were involved in his arrest. To expose the traitors, the hero decides to change his appearance through plastic surgery. The main role in the series was played by two actors - Armands Neilands-Jaunzems and Yuri Baturin.

In the series "Wolf Messing: Who Seen Through Time" Alexander Samoilov played Dormidont, and in the drama film "Tukhachevsky. Marshal's conspiracy "convincingly reincarnated as Semyon Budyonny. In 2014, viewers saw the artist in the Russian-Kazakh adventure thriller Runaways in the star company of Pyotr Fedorov, Elizaveta Boyarskaya and Maxim Vitorgan.

In 2017, the artist appeared in the piercing melodrama "Portrait of the Second Wife", where Liza Arzamasova, Kirill Grebenshchikov, Anatoly Bely and Lyubov Tolkalina starred.



Personal life

The actor managed to find happiness in his personal life on the third attempt. Falling in love with Natalya Varley ended in disappointment: the actress preferred another to Samoilov. Soon, Alexander met another Natalia, a philologist. The couple had a son, but the child did not keep the family: scandals alternated with reconciliation. The wife has a lover.

Once, when her husband returned home "tipsy," the wife called a psychiatric team, demanding that she and her son be protected from their violent husband. Alexander Samoilov, according to him, "was taken to the worst of Moscow psychiatric hospitals."

At the Mental Health Center, where the parents managed to take their son, he was examined by a professor and said that Alexander was absolutely healthy. Samoilov was not expected at home: his wife was carrying a child from another man.

The second wife - a theatrical props - ironically, was also called Natalia. One after another, the girls Nadia and Sveta were born. Soon, Nadia was diagnosed with a heart defect. The operation in England, for which Mikhail Ulyanov helped raise money, did not help: the baby died. The tragedy separated the spouses, they parted.

Daughter Svetlana Samoilova followed in her father's footsteps and became an actress. She starred with director Valeria Guy Germanicus, her own aunt. The third wife, who gave Alexander Samoilov warmth, home comfort and a strong rear, was the regional theater actress Irina Averina. She gave birth to her husband three children - the sons of Vladimir, Konstantin and Arkady. The guys are engaged in acrobatic rock and roll and are already making progress in this field.

In an interview, when asked about the continuation of the acting dynasty, Alexander Samoilov answers negatively. The eldest son Sasha studied at the Shchukin School and LGITMIK, but he never connected his life with theater or cinema. The daughter now devotes all her time to her family, and the younger sons are still completely passionate about dancing.



Alexander Samoilov now

The actor's filmography continues to be replenished with new projects. In 2018, with the participation of Alexander Samoilov, the shooting of the 2nd season of the TV series "Balabol" was completed, where the artist appeared in the image of the father of the main character Sani Balabin (Konstantin Yushkevich).

In the summer, the big adventure project "Skif" was released, in which Alexander Vladimirovich got the role of Troyan. Alexey Faddeev, Alexander Kuznetsov, Yuri Tsurilo were also involved in the film.

In September 2018, fitness instructor Christina Yudicheva spoke on the air of the program "Actually", who announced that she was raising a young son, Platon, born of Alexander Samoilov. The girl appeared in the program with the hope of receiving material compensation from the child's father in the form of alimony.

The actor refused to recognize the boy as his son. His wife Irina was also in the studio, who opened the veil of secrecy over some of the facts of family life. At the end of the TV show, the results of the examination were published, which did not confirm the artist's relationship with Christina's child.




1972 - "Kingfisher" 1974 - "Romance of Lovers" 1976 - "Son of the Chairman" 1978 - "Today or Never" 1980 - "Sicilian Defense" 1982 - "Fight at the Crossroads" 2002 - "Women's Logic" 2003 - "Two Fates" 2004 - "At an unnamed height" 2004 - "At the corner, at the Patriarch's 4" 2007 - "Volkov's Hour" 2009 - "Wolf Messing: Who Seen Through Time" 2010 - "Tukhachevsky. Marshal's conspiracy "2014 -" Runaways "2017 -" Portrait of the second wife "2018 -" Skif "



Net Worth

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Aleksandr Samoylov Net Worth 2021

Aleksandr Samoylov 's revenue is $ 1.8M in 2021. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Aleksandr Samoylov and could vary in the range between $ 788.2K - $ 2M.

Year Estimation
December 2021 $ 56.6K - $ 108.2K
November 2021 $ 48.4K - $ 96.8K
October 2021 $ 68.9K - $ 146K
September 2021 $65.8K - $107.2K
August 2021 $81.5K - $104.9K
July 2021 $69.8K - $138.3K
June 2021 $62.6K - $137K
May 2021 $58.2K - $92.2K
April 2021 $42.7K - $137.5K
March 2021 $74.4K - $112.5K
February 2021 $72.6K - $140.7K
January 2021 $80.3K - $155.4K


Aleksandr Samoylov Net Worth 2020

Aleksandr Samoylov 's revenue is $1.3M in 2020. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Aleksandr Samoylov and could vary in the range between $728.6K - $1.2M.

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December 2020 $47.2K - $108.8K
November 2020 $82.2K - $127.8K
October 2020 $57.3K - $120.5K
September 2020 $70.7K - $114.1K
August 2020 $60.3K - $99.3K
July 2020 $74.5K - $135.8K
June 2020 $78.3K - $116.1K
May 2020 $43.2K - $100.5K
April 2020 $72.8K - $87.3K
March 2020 $42.8K - $122.2K
February 2020 $57.4K - $161.5K
January 2020 $58.2K - $140.3K


Aleksandr Samoylov Net Worth 2019

Aleksandr Samoylov 's revenue is $1.3M in 2019. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Aleksandr Samoylov and could vary in the range between $818K - $2M.

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December 2019 $51.2K - $125.3K
November 2019 $70.5K - $131.7K
October 2019 $71K - $160.2K
September 2019 $50K - $109.8K
August 2019 $57.7K - $98.1K
July 2019 $56.1K - $157.4K
June 2019 $70K - $159K
May 2019 $71.7K - $142.1K
April 2019 $67.7K - $110.3K
March 2019 $43.7K - $144.8K
February 2019 $42.5K - $155K
January 2019 $79.9K - $161.9K


Aleksandr Samoylov Net Worth 2018

Aleksandr Samoylov 's revenue is $1.1M in 2018. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Aleksandr Samoylov and could vary in the range between $620.5K - $1.7M.

Year Estimation
December 2018 $57K - $138.2K
November 2018 $52K - $133.3K
October 2018 $49.8K - $155.4K
September 2018 $62.8K - $97.8K
August 2018 $55.5K - $96.6K
July 2018 $71.9K - $85.6K
June 2018 $82.4K - $155.2K
May 2018 $58.9K - $144.2K
April 2018 $52.7K - $150.7K
March 2018 $45.5K - $150.9K
February 2018 $73.5K - $128.9K
January 2018 $58.2K - $146.8K


Aleksandr Samoylov Net Worth 2017

Aleksandr Samoylov 's revenue is $1.8M in 2017. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Aleksandr Samoylov and could vary in the range between $942.2K - $1.8M.

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December 2017 $62.6K - $105.8K
November 2017 $77.6K - $115.2K
October 2017 $58.2K - $143.7K
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August 2017 $76.3K - $144.9K
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January 2017 $78.4K - $148.4K


Aleksandr Samoylov Net Worth 2016

Aleksandr Samoylov 's revenue is $1.5M in 2016. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Aleksandr Samoylov and could vary in the range between $593.2K - $1.7M.

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December 2016 $61K - $146.3K
November 2016 $49.1K - $155.8K
October 2016 $66.8K - $154.1K
September 2016 $48.1K - $140.2K
August 2016 $50.2K - $149.4K
July 2016 $55.5K - $101.3K
June 2016 $78.2K - $151.7K
May 2016 $70.1K - $126K
April 2016 $80.9K - $150.6K
March 2016 $46.6K - $125.7K
February 2016 $47.1K - $117.6K
January 2016 $52.8K - $116.1K


Aleksandr Samoylov Net Worth 2015

Aleksandr Samoylov 's revenue is $1.5M in 2015. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Aleksandr Samoylov and could vary in the range between $720.2K - $1.5M.

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December 2015 $76.3K - $119.9K
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October 2015 $44K - $117.2K
September 2015 $76.5K - $165.2K
August 2015 $80K - $128.3K
July 2015 $44.1K - $99.6K
June 2015 $52.9K - $111.2K
May 2015 $61.7K - $83.9K
April 2015 $43.6K - $153.1K
March 2015 $61.1K - $116.3K
February 2015 $53.8K - $88.3K
January 2015 $57.9K - $120.5K


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