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Adventureland - Storyline, Actors And Ratings

The movie "Adventureland" is a Tragicomedy production. Director: Greg Mottola Actors: Ryan Reynolds, Jesse Eisenberg, Margarita Levieva, Kristen Stewart, Michael Siegen, Matt Bush, Bill Hader, Kristen Wing, Martin Starr Oh, that Jesse Eisenberg! Like a nerd nerd! But in one movie she fucks a beautiful girl, in another movie she fucks as many as two beautiful girls, in the third movie she becomes the youngest billionaire ... I don't understand, this world now belongs to nerds, or what ?! Bublik the Cat's Awful Question



Adventureland Review

James Brennan (Jesse) Eisenberg) - the usual such botanical bottan, engaged in philology, then whether cosmology, or cretinomatics - Whatever, after all. He graduated from high school. and even kind of went to university, so now going to go to fascinating tour of Europe, and return - to New York To study.

However, with a trip to Europe happened complete bummer. James's dad was transferred to noticeably less paid work (I understand that the phrase turned out to be gnarled, but you get it right, because you don't are you quite idiots?), resulting in parents refused to subsidize fascinating European journey. Instead of traveling to Brennan now to be the most fascinating summer work in some lousy institution, for he has yet to accumulate money for university because dad like us remember now specifically low Paid.

James, of course, is furious, but do Nothing is life, baby. Guy goes looking for work, but quickly finds that without work experience, work is not you don't get a job, you don't you'll get work experience.

The only place James lucky - it's a local park entertainment run by Bobby (Bill Heider) and his wife Paulette (Kristen Wing). Brennan was immediately taken there on job - in fact, there's been a long time there is a lack of personnel. Park functioning only in the summer, the public brazen and rude, pay little, work tedious -- and what else, it asks, Do you have to?

And James starts plowing in this park. the most cultureless, especially since there's still working his childhood friend Tommy Frigo (Matt Bush), who Brennan took out since i'm a child.

At work, James meets a girl named Amy Levine (Kristen Stewart). Amy's problems in the family -- her mom died two years ago, and my father married a vile bald aunt wearing a wig. But Amy, Despite the problems, the girl is responsive and pretty. More facebook, she's practically beautiful, and that's with what this beauty is kind of like interested in James -- quite incomprehensible to any of the workers in the park squalid nerds. After all, Brennan is from them. almost no different. What's the Is this guy's secret?

However, James really there's a small Secret. His close friend, who is just left to travel around Europe, left the guy a bag of tins. And now these The cosies are great for Brennan. build bridges with girls. And then he includes its natural idiosyncratic charm, and went-go.

However, James does not know that Amy is already has been dating handsome Michael for a long time. Connell (Ryan Reynolds) - mechanic, working in the park. Connell has wife, so these meetings are secret.

And to James unexpectedly for all starts to hit the wedges Supersexy beauty Lisa Pi (Margarita Levieva). It all started with cosies, and then Brennan turned on his natural charm -- you know.

The result is such a love square -- no Shakespeare dreamed. And how it's all going to clear up - viewers have yet to find out.


Directed by Greg Mottole I drew attention by looking at it recent film "Paul: The Secret Material" in which Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, not speaking of little green an alien. The film turned out to be hilarious, witty and funny, after which I decided see what else i've done. A mottolla.

It turned out that he was basically filmed the series, but in 2006 he directed the comedy "Superpeppers", and in 2009 -- this "Culture Park and Rest, which is in the original called Adventureland.

I got it, I looked it up. And in their expectations were not deceived. Despite the fact that the "Culture Park and "It's, in general, completely perfect. teenage youth comedy, and I'm from teenage youth age already slightly came out, however the picture looked even with great pleasure, because Mottolla -- and really can make such films.

It seems to be nothing special: ordinary youth get-together, standard love triangles, squares, pentagrams and multi-members, however Mottolle, as a director, has one extremely, in my opinion, an important thing: it knows how to shoot simple things and mundane situation so that it's interesting and It's nice to watch. That, by the way, is great art - take off simply, but to make it really cling. He has - Touches.

Jesse Eisenberg - actor at first glance very narrow-minded, but the guy between themes here played kind of like a typical nerd, in "Good Welcome to the zombieland" - Combat nerd, and in "Social networks" - and at all the shark business and mark's computer nerd Sakerberg, and played very even Ok.

In the Eisenberg's character it turned out to be perfect, too. Ambiguous. On the one hand, yes, Botan-humanitarian: likes to chat about incomprehensible to the syhundredst girls, angular, breath-free and completely uncool. But on the other hand, somehow you believe that he's catching up with the local beauties, and not just the pieces. Here's there's something in it, glowing in his eyes this guy is the kind of thing you think, what if this assman will come up with some kind of Facebook will be the youngest billionaire in the world?

Kristen Stuart, who played Amy, I liked it. I am know that Kristen is now a superstar thanks to its promiscuous relationships with all sorts of vampires, but I'm not watched, so I can evaluate it without drops of blood on the lips. She played well, No fools. Character like typical - "spiritual girlfriend of the main character with her problems with communication on the side at the same time Not only beautiful but also smart yet and good plus sympathetic", however played as a note, while Sincerely. When a girl looks at married handsome mechanic Connell and You can see she wants it - I'm her BELIEVE. When she looks at the angular but promising James and realizes that Mechanic will be like that for the rest of his life. rides to mend, and James is clearly will go much further- I'll her I do, too.

Fox Pi was played by an interesting actress - Margarita Levieva. By name and surname, it is clear that she is - most likely our ex-girlfriend compatriot. That's what it is: Margarita was born in Leningrad Jewish family, from the age of three sport, was a member of the Russian Olympic arts team Gymnastics. Her family went to the States, when Marguerite was 11 years old. She studied at school in New Jersey, then studied at the Faculty of Economics in New York University. Interested acting, too, studied, then began to act and play in the theater. In 2005 New York Magazine has included her in the list of 50 New York's most beautiful people -- it unsurprisingly, Marguerite really Very beautiful.


In here She plays a blunt beauty, from that drags the entire amusement park. Plays great - "hot" beauty she's by definition and a kind of "blondeness" portrays very authentically. But I I believe in what it depicts - looked up her photos on IMDB: eyes y Margaritas are very smart, so no damn thing she's not "blonde."

By the way when I was watching her filmography, all of a sudden found out that she had played in the film, which I had just written a review -- "Lincoln for a lawyer." She's got a little girl there. the role of a prostitute, which is kind of like attacked the main suspect.

Secondary characters in the picture is also at least not bad. Furious Bill Harder (Saturday star Night Live) played perfectly Bobby - very amusing park owner. Scenes when Bobby gets furious and starts battles with visitors are just great. By the way, Heider at Mottolla played in the film "Paul: Secret material."

Ryan Reynolds is quite impressive looked like a local handsome man. And it must be said that difficult his character's relationship with Eisenberg's character was played very even authenticandandly and somehow vital. By the way, there's still a credit to you. The mottolle, which was simultaneously the author of the script: it is clear that there was the easiest way to make Connell Brennan didn't bet a penny. But here made noticeably more interesting.

Well and also liked Martin Starr, played by Joel , James's partner in Park. Joel comes from a poor Jewish family, unruly dyld with a big myopia and an unhappy fate. When this tear on purpose does not press, but that's sorry him -- to tears. Although, on the other hand, as well Figs to complain? We have to act! You think about it - A Jew! Bublik's cat is also a Jew, It's nothing to dig! Although I lost something. very important. And Eisenberg, between us, "You'd think he was Russian...

In the In general, in my opinion, Mottolla it turned out simple but cute and cute movie that, judging by me, It looks far from good young. Even the old-peppers (i.e. senior seororities) can appreciate this film, judging by the cat Bublik.

Put in the plans of viewing "Superpeppers." If a man can make a movie, then we've got to see everything he's done, there's not much benefit there.


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