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Hello, dear readers. Net. I'm a woman, 35, and I've had a weight problem since I was a little girl. I've never been very fat, but at certain times in my life I've picked up 10-15 extra pounds. I'm quite tall - 178cm - and that's why I haven't aspired to 40-45kg - it's just surreal against the backdrop of my height. My ideal weight is about 63-65 kg. I have always lost weight and I want to share my observations, which may help those who face the same problem. I'm going to start with a little background. My parents do not have any food culture, there was always a huge amount of food at home, there was always a lot of bread on our table, and if I didn't eat 3-4 slices of bread per meal, my father would scold me. I was forbidden to keep diets. I've never played sports because no one encouraged me to do it. In general, I have the typical parents who created me too early to have time to learn how a child should be raised. 17 years old. comments of my classmates very much offended me and I started secretly exercising in the summer. The result was lightning strikes, from 78 kg I dropped sharply to 67 kg in 3 months. I looked and felt very good, but against the backdrop of all my classmates who were 45-50 kg (and 1. 60 tall) I was constantly convinced that I was still fat. The time came to separate from the malicious influence of parents - I went to higher education. At first I gained weight and got up again 70-71 kg,, which I did not like. At the end of the summer semester, I just stopped eating the so-called " harmful foods. I fell to another extreme, and in the summer I spent with my parents, I just didn't eat anything they were cooking. As a result, I walked hungry almost all the time, but drank light herbal teas. Strangely, my skin was very clear and I lost significant weight without having stretch marks. I had reached 55 kg, which was too little for me, then I gained up to 57 kg. Then I started eating everything and didn't gain weight substantially. By the end of my studies, I kept my weight at 60-62 kg. Starting my first serious job at 8-9 hours a day, the immobilization said the word and gradually I gained up to 70 kg again. I took it in my arms and started going to the gym, so I lost up to 64 kg. I was tight and looking good. Soon after, I met my husband, and it wasn't long before I stopped going to the gym, we both had a good time... and I gradually increased my weight. So one day I woke up again 75 kg. This is the moment to say that I'm obviously a perfectionist because for a lot of people the way I looked was actually great. For two years, I've been trying to lose weight, including trying to lose weight. workouts 3-4 times a week, as well as with non-sitting - well, it did not work, and gram did not take off, but only kept gaining weight. Then I found VM NHS (high oily and low-carbohydrate nutrition). For nearly a year without being absolutely strict, I managed to lose 8 kg and completely transformed myself. This meal changed my life. Before that, I felt very bad - headaches in the evening, blurred gaze, exhaustion. By the holidays last month, I had started eating pasty again - tortillas, goats, pies - and picked up a few kilograms, but this time I did not get hysterical and returned to high fats and low carbohydrates. The result in two weeks is minus 2 kg. I've had recent problems with the skin, they're also fading. I hope to be useful to women who want but fail to lose weight. The results don't come quickly, but they're durable, as long as you don't pounce on a sweet and battered.

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June 11, 2020