About The "Add As Friend" Button

The Story

If anyone can answer me, I will be super grateful! A year and a half ago, I sent a friend request to a very, very special person on Facebook and he deleted it and only the "message" button remained. But, yesterday I noticed that the "Add as a friend" button reappeared, which surprised me a lot. The question is how did this happen and did the person do something about the options himself to return this button I was not blocked by him, only the invitation for friendship was deleted, otherwise I saw his profile this year and a half. And if there is such a thing as a statute of limitations, then the profiles of other people to whom I sent invitations and did not accept, this button would be activated, but it did not, I checked, so the person must have pressed and done something but what? It is very important for me to know and I will be happy for someone, who is aware and understands to share how this happened. Thanks!

Last Updated
November 11, 2020