A Night At The Roxbury Review (Comedy, 1998)

Learn more about the movie "A Night at the Roxbury" released in 1998. Honestly review and critics. Is it worthing to watch "A Night at the Roxbury"?
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A Night at the Roxbury - Storyline, Actors And Ratings

The movie "A Night at the Roxbury" is a comedy production.

Director: John Fortenberry

Actors: Chris Catten, Will Ferrell



A Night at the Roxbury Review

The tape reads: "Very funny! Don't Miss This Movie!

This immediately led to certain suspicions, because of really good movies in advertising usually does not need it. But I suddenly decided to dream that one day on the cassettes will write: "Unbelievable, fantastic, and absolutely mind-blowing tedious" or "The script of this picture simply amazes with its fantastic, impenetrable and phenomenal stupidity, from which come to horror even idiotic stupid nerds".

Okay, stop dreaming, we go with the cat Bublik to watch this movie ...

Well, the creators of the film set out to make a beautiful youth comedy, crossing Beavis and Butt-Head in human performance with the film "Dumb and even dumber". They quite succeeded. I say without irony because the picture meets all the laws of the genre of youth comedy, so it looks quite decent. Or obscene. That's who's used to it.

So, in one non-poor family from Beverly Hills live two brothers of the teenager - Doug (Chris Kattan) and Steve (Wil Farrell). Brothers strangely resemble the national morons of America - Beavis and Butt-Head and behave accordingly. Steve is completely dull and not far away, so he always does everything as Doug advises. What can Doug advise? Just one thing! To create on the head a stylish hairstyle with modus sideburns, to put a golden chain on the neck, as required by the laws of wartime ... pardon, youth fashion, then dress up in the brightest and defiant costume, because you need something to stand out since brains do not work ... Doug, unlike Steve, in one place is something with a motor, which makes him constantly rush around the night Los Angeles in search of sexual adventures, dragging Steve.

In general, the salt of life in the guys is to visit nightclubs and in unsuccessful attempts to meet girls. But in acquaintances with girls they are lucky about the same as Beavis with Butt-Head - that is, no way. However, once they smiled luck when in their van accidentally crashed into a posh car star of television series Richard Grico (played by Richard Grico, whom many should know from a very good comedy "If the beauty killed". To avoid the trial, Richard takes the guys to the club of their dreams - "Roxbury" where he introduces the owner of this good club. Two prostitutes see the guys with the owner of the club, come to the conclusion that these jerks - cool guys, so go with them to a party, where guys suddenly lose their virginity.

But after a few days, everything goes bad. Girls learn that the guys with the owner of the club met purely by accident, so give them a turn from the gate. Doug gets terribly upset, quarrels with Steve, and leaves their house ... to the guest house. They have their own approach to leaving the house in Beverly Hills. Steve is left unattended, and the daughter of the owner of the shop next to their father's shop, selling chandeliers, puts his eye on him. In short, Doug is constantly a lawsuit, and Steve quickly and inevitably approaches the wedding with this nasty girl ... I'm not going to tell you more than that it's interesting to watch, but I was so worried about Steve - whether the guy was being shaken or not that Bublik got hit on the head when he tried to switch the TV to "All about rodents".

What can I tell you about this film? Ordinary youth comedy, without much pretensions. Guys jerks - quite similar to the real and fooled just like me in his youth. The plot does not shine in a special way, but it is not required. There's even a moment that blows out a tear - that's when Steve almost got married. And the rest is quite funny. The jokes are stupid, but for some reason funny. Probably, after all, because of the actors playing Beavis and Butt Head in the human version. Of course, the film is absolutely lame, but for some reason, I looked at it not without pleasure. Probably because in such films you just rest your head and use only the superficial-emotional sphere (ex I exquisitely expressed myself). Young morons should certainly like the film because it is not the worst of youth comedies. Middle-aged people may like the film, too, because it will make you remember those sweet years when they too were young jerks. Older people can also watch this film... What for? What if they don't show anything good on TV tonight?



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