A Huge Problem In The Family

The Story

Hello people!!! There is a huge problem in my family. My younger sister, who is 18 years old, got pregnant by a gypsy 12 months ago and when we found out she was already in the fourth month and there was no way to have an abortion. So we gave the child up for adoption and she continued to go to school. Now, however, we understand that the "father" in question has become interested and has filled my stupid sister's head with nonsense and wants to take the child (I hope this does not happen). My family is in shock because everything can be heard, and also because the boy my sister has a child with is extremely poor and is a drug addict on top of everything. So my question is whether there is any chance from the "Child Protection Agency" not to return the child to them, because she has already given up on him, and the birth certificate says an unknown father. Thanks to everyone who can speak on the issue and if anyone can also give advice on how to dissuade her from making this mistake that will ruin her life, and that of my whole family I will be extremely grateful !!! :)

Last Updated
November 03, 2020