A Boy I Have Loved Insanely For 6 Years

The Story

Hi, I want to tell you about a guy who's insanely fond of six years. He is handsome (I think) I see him with other girls and I find it hard. At one time it was said that he liked me, but he neither explained it to me, nor offered me, but he offered me, I do not know if I would accept. Then everyone knew that I liked him very much and he could have gotten him to mess with me, or if it wasn't so, suppose he really liked me, I'd be his next boyfriend, another piece among the others, then I told them that I had another friend and that I didn't like him anymore, but I was startled that he could tell him and he would give me up. , but you can't blow up anywhere that I like him. :(((( I'm in grade 7 and I don't think about sex, and even if we had boyfriends with him and he wanted me, I would really refuse, I'm worried about kissing. I would hardly have noticed, I am insignificant compared to others, you can see it is superficial, but it is very good, behaves well with me and does not offend me. I decided to join the swimming and it turned out that we are on the same team, almost fainted, but we train in different places. Well, that's my story, how am I to trample?

Last Updated
October 24, 2020