9 Simple But Not Boring Poses For Sex

Effective ways to reach orgasm for those who do not want to strain too much. A pose that will provide very deep penetration. The woman lies down on her back and slightly lifts her legs bent in her knees. The man kneels facing his partner, rests his hands in bed, and slowly enters. The host side can keep his feet under the arms of the partner or throw them on his shoulders.
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May 27, 2020

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Bending your knees

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Doggy style

The exciting position will provide a particularly deep penetration. A woman gets up on all fours, a man enters her from behind, kneeling. If the height of the bed allows, the partner can stand on the floor: this will provide more intense friction.

To diversify the posture, a woman can change the position of the hips: to get up or, on the contrary, lie down, putting pillows under the pelvis and thus changing the angle of penetration.



Straight spoon

The man lies on his back, the woman puts his back on him. The partner comes in from behind.

The pose has several options. If both a man and a woman bend their knees and rest their feet in bed, both participants of the process will be able to move. But the partner can pull the knees to the chest - then the penetration will become deeper and all control will completely pass to whoever is below.

Pose does not require any acrobatic abilities, but to hold out in it for a long time will not work: resort to it to diversify routine sex.



Reverse Rider

The man lies down on his back and stretches his legs forward, the woman falls on his penis from above. But that the classic "Rider" is not sat, you can turn your back to the partner. This will preserve all the advantages of the position: the woman controls the depth and intensity of penetration, the man will remain in a relaxed position.

But bonuses will open: for example, the girl will be able to further stimulate the scrotum and prostate partner, and he, in turn, will be able to watch how the buttocks of the beloved slide on the penis up and down.



Sitting face to face

The man sits on a flat surface, positioning his legs as he is comfortable: stretching or slightly bent. The woman sits down on top and falls on the penis. The faces of partners should be directed at each other, so that eye contact fuels passion.

Further variations are possible. For example, a man leans back and rests on his hands: so control of the situation will completely pass to the partner. In another scenario, a woman can throw her feet on the shoulders of a partner: then the penetration will be deeper.



Standing against the wall

For sex standing do not need any props and do not even have to leave the bedroom, while you still come off the usual location. The woman stands facing the wall and rests her hands on it, the man enters from behind. In this position it is especially healthy to stimulate the breasts and clitoris partners.

If a mirror hangs near your wall, stand next to it: the reflection will provide an exciting eye contact.




The woman is placed across the bed. For convenience, you can put a pillow under your head or lean on your hand. The man goes down on his side, being behind his partner. Your hips should be perpendicular to each other.

If the bed is moved to the wall, it is better to fit so that the girl could rest her foot in a hard surface. The wall will provide additional stability.

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69 on the side

The man goes down on his side, the woman lies in front of the jack. In such a simple position, no one will have to keep the second participant of the process on weight, which means that you can enjoy each other especially for a long time: at least orally, even with penetration.




The position will delight couples who love close contact. And the name of the sex pose will please your partner-programmer (if there is one, of course!).

The woman lies down on her back and spreads her legs. The man stands on all fours in front of her and rests on his hands. The partner wraps around his hips with his legs and his shoulders with her hands. Unlike the usual missionary, this pose will help you feel each other much better.

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