9 Reasons Not To Wear Makeup

When I was in high school, I once looked in the mirror and wondered why I wear makeup every day, writes Beth Buchinski from the site Distractify. I hated putting on makeup, I hated how my skin felt while wearing it, and I hated taking it off. So I stopped (except in special cases) and here's what I found.
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June 13, 2020

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It's faster.

My morning preparations take 5 minutes instead of half an hour. I brush my teeth, I wash my face, I put on my lenses and bye. In the end, we are talking about 6 in the morning ...

It's cheaper.

Over the years, I've saved hundreds - maybe thousands - of dollars for makeup and related accessories. The money can then be spent on things and experiences that bring me joy, instead of an annoying morning treat.

Creates fewer skin problems.

I have naturally oily skin, which means I'm already prone to shine and pimples - two things that make up only makes worse.

"Zinc oxide, dimethicone, and propylene are ingredients that are common in makeup. These ingredients can form a thin film on the skin. The natural fat secretion and sweat beneath this film can easily cause pimples," CBS reported.

It is liberating.

I don't have to "pretend". I'm not worried that something might blur. I don't have to constantly refresh my make-up, worry that I may have lipstick on my teeth, or hold back my tears so that my mascara doesn't spill.

It's healthier.

Most makeup, especially the cheaper ones, contain toxic substances that are probably not a good idea to apply to our skin.

"Some ingredients - fragrances and preservatives - cause allergic reactions, including contact dermatitis. Preservatives in makeup include parabens, which have been found in cancer cells. Also, watch for formaldehyde content - it can irritate the eyes and skin," said Livestrong.

It is rebellious.

Do you know what sucks the most? Doing things because others expect them to. Not wearing makeup is an easy way to be different from the "herd" and be yourself. I am proof that there is no problem to have a good social life and a sensible career without having to wear makeup.

Strengthens self-confidence.

When I stopped wearing makeup every day, I stopped feeling like I was wearing a mask. I show my true self to the world every day, knowing that people see me as I am.

It makes special cases even more special.

No sense in telling you now - I've never touched makeup since high school. But when I do, it's always for a special occasion, and instead of taking it as a tedious task, it's a festive, unique ritual that heightens the excitement.


I celebrate myself.

Many people use makeup to "cover" or "fix" what they consider to be flaws in themselves. When you don't wear makeup every day, you take a step towards achieving peace with yourself and enjoying the beautiful features that you don't need to hide. Sure, at first I felt vulnerable, but then I realized that the one who was judging me was myself, not those around me.

And when I'm at peace with myself, I live for the moment, instead of worrying about how others perceive my face or how I'm dressed; it's easier to focus on the experiences and people that really matter.

And that's what makes me the happiest.

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