9 Qualities That Don't Make Us Like Others

Some features and traits can make a good impression on the person to whom you breathe unevenly. Science will help you understand what can be so repulsive in you.
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May 27, 2020

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Lack of sleep

Because of the lack of sleep, we look less attractive. In 2010, scientists conducted an experiment

Other participants rated the photos according to different criteria. In their opinion, the people who did not sleep looked tired, unattractive, sick, sad.




In 2014, China conducted the following study




It is a well-known fact: in a strong position - with straight backs, divorced shoulders - you begin to feel more confident. Conversely, when you slouch, sit tight, you lose confidence in yourself and your abilities.

But body language also affects how other people perceive you. An example would be an experiment conducted in 2016

Scientists have created several profiles of men and women in the dating app. In the first group of profiles, pictures of men and women in tight positions were posted: with their shoulders down, arms and legs crossed, slouching. In another group, the same men and women were photographed in open positions: raising their hands in the form of the letter V, reaching for something.

The results showed that users of the app found more attractive profiles with photos in open positions and more often invited them on a date.




In a 2013 study, heterosexual men perceived women with high cortisol levels as less attractive.

Presumably, this is due to the fact that high levels of the stress hormone adversely affect overall health and the ability to conceive.



Too much happiness or pride on the face

It turns out that girls do not like too happy guys, and guys do not like girls who look too proud.

In 2011, scientists conducted such an experiment

Men rated women as the most attractive when they looked happy in the picture, and less attractive if they seemed proud. Women, on the contrary, put the highest marks to men who were considered proud, and the lowest to those who looked too happy.



Lack of sense of humor


Gender does not play a role: poor sense of humor makes both men and women equally unattractive.




A series of experiments

The researchers asked students during a six-week archaeology course to assess each other's personal qualities and attractiveness at the beginning and end of the course.

When the results were analyzed, it turned out that students who were lazy during their studies later received poor reviews, even if they were considered very attractive at the beginning of the course.




According to the scientific data, when we look for a partner, we are attracted to people who are genetically different from us, but not too much.


At the same time, the scientists took DNA samples from the participants' mouth and sent them to the lab for testing. In particular, they wanted to compare their main complexes of histocompatibility - the genes of the immune system.

The more similar were the complexes of histocompatibility in partners, the less they attracted each other and the more often they searched for love on the side.

The study revealed another interesting thing: we avoid people whose smell is too different from ours.




Lack of honesty repels both sexes and is the main cause of rejection.

In the study

As it turned out, honesty is the only trait that influences the appearance of sympathy. If we know that a person has been dishonest to us, we no longer like him.

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