8 Reasons To Get Rid Of All Too Much And Become A Minimalist

Less garbage, distractions and commitments - you'll love it.
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June 12, 2020



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In our society, mindless consumption is progressing. We buy mountains of things and can not explain why they are needed, why we need so much. And then we drown in a pile of junk, afraid to part with the results of unrequited consumption.

By accepting the principles of minimalism, you not only free your home from unnecessary things, but also make your life more conscious.



You won't even remember what you got rid of

When you're just starting to get rid of unnecessary things, you have a lot of questions: "Am I really not using this thing?", "What if I need it?", "One day I want to use it, and it's not!"

You think that these questions and fears are quite rational, but in fact, as soon as you get rid of the subject, you will immediately forget about it. Things that clutter your life and make you wonder whether they are needed or not are mostly so useless that your "once" will never come.



Memories live in consciousness, not on shelves

It is so difficult to free cabinets and shelves from dusty figurines, photos within and other things that are associated with pleasant memories.

Here you need to understand that memories live in your memory and do not depend on useless gizmos that just clutter your apartment. After all, if you suddenly lose these things, memories of pleasant times, loved ones and travels will not disappear.

So boldly get rid of useless memorabilia. What do you get in the end? Clean shelves, more free space, which breathes easier, and think more freely.



Ordering is not always the best solution

When you have a lot of things, you spend a fair amount of time to maintain order. You put things in places, organize space and repeat it over and over again.

Yes, the order in the room is order in the head. But it is possible to achieve order and without victims in the form of free time. Throw out most of the things that you have to constantly put in place, and cleaning the house will be a simple and pleasant thing.

The best way to organize your belongings is to get rid of most of them.



Your property overwhelms you

If your workspace is filled with unnecessary things, they constantly distract and overwhelm you. In a spacious empty room, you can concentrate much better and stay fresh and cheerful for longer.

The more things you have, the more action they require from you. You need to remove them, move from place to place, organize and store. It takes a lot of time and, most interestingly, you can easily get rid of it.



You develop a broader view of consumption

In today's world we buy a lot and consume a lot. Consumption is the engine of the economy, and our behavior depends on it. The mindless consumer always wants to buy some things and at the same time imagines how his life will change after another purchase.

During shopping, consciousness seems to turn off, and in return the "buyer mode" is turned on and takes control of your body.

When this happens, you start spending money obeying feelings rather than reason. You want to feel comfortable and improve your mood by buying.

But the truth is that shopping does not bring long satisfaction: once you have purchased one thing, you immediately want another, and your home is filled with items that you do not use.



You are less likely to buy things at a discount

When you buy something unnecessary at a discount, it seems that you save your money, because then this thing can come in handy. In fact, it is unlikely to come in handy, and you do not save, and just throw money to the wind.

This trick of marketers - big discounts - works great, and thoughtless consumers buy a bunch of unnecessary things. But if you are imbued with the spirit of minimalism, this trick will be powerless, you will not fall for it again.



You spend your time online more rationally

Minimalism manifests itself not only in things, but in all other areas of life, including working at the computer. Being minimalist means removing all the excess that you don't really need.

You do not bother with beautiful wallpapers for the desktop, do not look for beautiful themes and icons, do not download unnecessary programs.

You use simple free utilities, no less functional than beautiful paid options. Dozens of icons of foreign programs that you don't even remember when you installed, and the browser doesn't distract a few tabs.

Working with a single tab in a browser is a great way to increase efficiency. So you will defeat multitasking and will not be distracted by extraneous affairs.



The principle of "less means more" really works

By making room in your life and clearing your mind, you begin to understand why it is necessary. Useless things leave you. The fewer things that attract your attention, the more control in your life.

You spend less time in your life less clutter and the complexities associated with consumption. Less unnecessary things, costs, responsibilities.

As a result, the totality of all these "less" gives you much more: more time, freedom and money. And you realize that "less" actually means "more."

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