8 Easy Ways To Cheer Up If You're Downy

It is extremely difficult to maintain high productivity working from home when the spring sun shines through the window. Even at the distance in self-isolation conditions. In order not to "swim" definitively, it is necessary to arrange breaks for rest. We tell you how to freshen up quickly and effectively.
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June 14, 2020

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More often ventilate the room

Sitting in a stuffy apartment is a bad idea. Our brains need oxygen to be productive. Therefore, staying at home, do not forget to ventilate the rooms. Fresh air will not only cheer up, but also help to avoid headaches with many hours of work in a confined space.

If you are afraid of drafts, open the window when you leave the room. For example, while washing and brushing your teeth or cooking dinner. Well, when the weather is warm, do not be lazy to go out on the balcony: open the windows, bring a cup of coffee or your favorite book. On vacation, such rituals add romance and cause delight. So why not repeat them at home while there is time.



Drink water with lemon and mint

It would seem that nothing invigorates better than coffee. But a cup by cup all day is definitely too much. But water with lemon and mint can be safely drunk as much as you want.

The recipe is simple. Put a few sprigs of mint in a jug and wash them well with a spoon so that the leaves give juice. You almost won't see it, but you will definitely feel the difference in the saturation of taste. Add a few slices of lemon and squeeze the juice out of them. Pour in the clean water and let infuse a little. If desired, you can throw in a jug of grated ginger and ice cubes.



Wash or use a refreshing face spray

Taking an invigorating shower several times during the day is unlikely to work, even if you work from home. But rinse your face with cool water or use a refreshing spray - quite. Take care of skin hydration - after washing do not neglect the cream. And when buying a spray, pay attention to the composition: the more natural components in it, the better. It's good if the smell is subtle. Believe me, you will hate the remedy, if its aroma will split the head. And don't forget to test for an allergic reaction before the first application, applying a little spray on the inside of the hand just above the wrist.



Make a light and healthy snack

The second breakfast and snack are ideal breaks to ventilate the room, allow your eyes to rest from the monitor and make up for the strength. For snacking, choose nutritious and healthy foods such as fruit, yogurt or cottage cheese. Shopping in self-isolation has been greatly reduced, so make sure that the right food is always in the fridge, but don't forget to check expiration dates and keep storage conditions. By the way, if you mix dairy products with honey, nuts or dried fruits, do not threaten neither monotony nor satiety.


Savushkin's crumbly cottage cheese will help to recharge its energy. It is made from natural cow's milk and is rich in calcium. On the shelves you can find cottage cheese with a variety of fat (from 0.1 to 9%) so that everyone can choose a product to their taste.



Buy an air humidifier

Air conditioners, heaters and batteries, though give us a comfortable temperature, but at the same time dry the air. This has a negative impact on both the respiratory system and the skin. The moisturizer will help to correct the situation.

On the principle of work they are cold type, steam and ultrasonic. Some models have options for flavoring, ionizing or zoning air. By placement, the devices are divided into floor, table and wall. Pick one that fits your needs.



Don't forget about gymnastics for eyes

Regular 2-minute warm-ups help relieve tension. Close your eyes with your palms so that the light does not penetrate under them, and allow yourself to relax a little. Don't raise your eyelids look right, left, up, down. Then look into the upper right corner and lower your gaze diagonally into the bottom left. "Draw" the circle, moving the clockwise and in the opposite direction. Repeat 3-4 times. Without taking away the hands from the face strongly close your eyes, open and quickly blink. Lower your palms, seeing them off with your eyes. Gymnastics should be done every 1-2 hours.

If you wear contact lenses or suffer from dry eyes, use moisturizing drops. Use them before warm-up.



Change tasks

In between complex tasks, allow the brain to rest. It is best to switch to another activity for a short time. Set up a five-minute for Sudoku or crossword puzzle. And if you're currently learning a foreign language, use the break to repeat the words or rules for the next lesson. Such pauses will bring double benefits. You and the brain unload, and the memory will train - maximum efficiency.



Do a yoga warm-up

In a long sitting, it is very important to stretch the neck, back and legs. Complex of simple exercises will help to feel more cheerful. The obvious advantage of charging at home is that there are no prying eyes, preventing you from reaching properly.

Make a few tilts of the head to the sides, as well as back and forth, then a couple of rotations clockwise and against. Then move on to the back muscles. Get out of the table and spread out the mat or plaid on the floor.

Sit in a comfortable position with your legs crossed. The back is straight, the shoulders are straightened. Pull up. Take a deep breath, raise your right hand and exhale to the left without lifting the pelvis off the floor. Feel the tension in the side of the torso. Take a breath back to the original position and exhale again in the other direction. Make 3-4 tilts.

Stand on all fours: knees on the width of hips, brushes strictly under the shoulders. On inhalation, round your back as far as possible, with an exhalation bend in the lower back and look at the ceiling. Repeat 3-4 times.

Leave your palms and feet on the mat, straighten your legs - your body and floor together should form an equilateral triangle. Relax your neck, put your head down. Keep the muscles of the press in tone, the tailbone try as if to crank up. "Dog snout down" is a position for resting between complex asanas. But that doesn't mean it's easy to stand in it.

With a breath, lower on the mat, straight legs should be parallel to the floor, the upper half of the torso lift and hold on weight, resting on the hands. Hips should not touch the mat, and the bend in the lower back - to bring pain. Make sure that the shoulders do not rise to the ears, elbows were unwrapped to the sides, and the brushes were strictly under the shoulders. Perform a bunch of "dog snout up" - "dog snout down" in the speaker at least 5 times.

Stand up straight, put the feet together parallel to each other. With inhalation, reach your arms upwards, with exhalation with a straight back, bend down. Watch the lower back - it should not be rounded. Try to reach the hips with your belly. It is best to get out of the slope slowly, straightening the back of the vertebra behind the vertebra.

If these exercises do not seem to you enough, look for yoga classes online or complexes in the recording. Choose those in which the teacher describes and pronounces all his movements in detail.


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