8 Apps To Decrypt Data

They won't do all the work for you, but they'll make it much easier.
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June 15, 2020

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Google Docs


The most primitive option. Use it only if you don't want to deal with other apps. Open your voice input in Google Documents and turn on the playback of your interview. In the browser version, you need to click "Tools" and "Voice Input" in the mobile app to click on the microphone icon on the keyboard.

Oddly enough, the mobile version recognizes the text even better than the desktop version. In addition, voice input on mobile devices works not only with the office from Google, but in any application where you can call the keyboard.

The result is not ideal: you will need to edit the text, placing punctuation and replacing incorrectly recognized words. But if you think it's better than doing all the interviews manually, try it.




Google Keep


Google's note-taking mobile app has a handy feature - recording voice with simultaneous transcription. To do this, you need to click on the microphone icon on the toolbar. The conversation in the audio format will be preserved along with the decrypted text.

To capture long-term interviews Google Keep you do not help, because stops the recording after a short pause in the dialogue. But it can be used to decipher ready-made records on pieces. A small fragment was translated into the text, processed, repeated.

For some reason, voice recognition in Keep works better than in Google Documents: the app even guesses the beginning of a new phrase and marks it with a capital letter.





This service works in a browser. The principle is simple: choose the language of the interview, pour the audio recording, press the "Transcribing" button. After a while, you will open a window with decrypted text. Naturally, it will require subtractors and edits.

The service decrypts up to 1.5 minutes of interviews for free. Then you have to pay 8 rubles per minute of audio recording. However, the site does not prohibit downloading several short passages at once, so the limitation, if you have patience, can be circumvented.






A free web app that lets you listen to the interview recording and type in the same window at the same time. You can download audio or video recording or link to YouTube, and then control the speed of speech playback, pause the dialogue, or quickly rewind it back and forth without taking your hands off the keyboard.

Interactive time tags are especially convenient to navigate the text: click on the button and leave a bookmark on the desired audio or video fragment. The finished text can be exported to Markdown or Google Documents.






A basic app that works right in the browser. Choose a language, tap the microphone icon and start your audio recording. The interface is very simple - you won't get confused. The finished text can be exported to the TXT format or mailed.

The accuracy of recognition leaves much to be desired, so you should carefully subtract the text and feed the interview program in small pieces. But Dictation.io absolutely free.




Express Scribe


The app has versions for Windows and macOS. Download audio from a folder or voice recorder, set up the speed of sound playback and type in the text. If necessary, you can easily pause or rewind the recording back and forth. The finished result is exported to Word.

A separate interesting feature of Express Scribe is the ability to control the reproduction of audio with the help of pedals connected to the computer. Suitable ordinary, from game sets. This will be useful for professional stenographers, who type text at high speed.

The price of the basic version of Express Scribe is $60, but the app can be used in trial mode. However, it does not support video files and it highlights the launch of a request to buy a license. Also, keep in mind that the interface in Express Scribe is only in English.






You pour your audio recording or copy a link to a YouTube video in Transcribe - the service gives you a transcript. There's nothing simpler. However, as in all such tools, the result will not be perfect, so that the editorial and subtractors still can not get rid of.

In the finished text editor, Transcribe can set time stamps, as well as listen to the interview at slow speed and correct the wrong places recognized by the service.

You can try Transcribe for free, but you'll have to buy a subscription for $20 a year to use the service regularly. For additional features like machine transcription and automatic time code simples, you'll have to pay another $6 per hour. The service is in English, but the Russian language supports too.




Punto Switcher


The Punto Switcher program is designed to automatically switch the keyboard layout. But it can also be used to speed up typing.

You create a set of rules in the Auto-replacement section that replaces the characters you select with commonly used words and sentences. For example, type "pj" - "please" is inserted into the text, "inwards" - "lead," "nv" - "probably," and so on. It's a very necessary thing for stenographers.

Download Punto Switcher

And what kind of decryption app do you use?

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