8 Anger Mistakes You Should Avoid

Anger alone is not a bad thing, but it signals that something is wrong. For example, we may be too busy in our work or believe that we are being treated unfairly. We feel ignored and underestimated either by the boss or by his partner. The problem is the way we're going to approach our anger. 
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May 29, 2020

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8 Anger mistakes


To know how to behave when the next time you "knock out", see which 8 mistakes you should never allow.

Angry outbursts

For a long time it was believed that it was best to give your anger to shake it off faster. Today, more and more psychologists are of the opinion that in this way you not only give vent to your negative emotions but you risk and increase them if you explode uncontrollably.

Accusations of others

No matter how angry you are, it won't help you finger the others and accuse them. Instead, it is desirable to put the content that has to be transported in the so-called "I" messages, such as: "I feel like you're not taking me seriously!".


Alcohol is also not a solution when you want to quell your anger. In fact, its action is rather counterproductive because it obscitates the ability to judge and strengthens negative emotions.

Shopping from grief

Shopping can bring you temporary comfort, but there are many flaws.

1) bad reflection on finance;

2) Shop unnecessary and unnecessary things and

3) does not solve the actual problem.

Write comments on Facebook

What used to be an aggressive reader's letter or the angry record on the answering machine is today's Facebook comment.  Even at the very first moment, a person can experience relief by pouring out his anger, sooner or later pity for what he wrote.


Although the anger is associated with the notion that he who is not capable of controlling him is not very clever, the academicians are also not insured against angry outbursts. However, the big ego appears to be a risk factor. Being taken too seriously and unable to distance itself from its lend title, it quickly gained the feeling of not respecting it enough.


The danger of those who hate conflict is that they tend too easily to break without clarifying the cause of their anger and eliminating it.

Swallowing Anger

It is not useful and to swallow anger, although this is a widespread strategy. It is dangerous to suppress it, for example, by eating emotional bases, passive-aggressive behavior, or directing to oneself. Systematically stifling stress not only increases the risk of heart disease, but there is also a danger that all accumulated anger after years can be unleashed on a minor occasion and become an uncontrollable outburst.

As you have assured yourself, dealing with anger is about something more than socially acceptable behavior, such as dealing with someone for a place in the parking lot or for a physical fault. Depending on how well he manages to put his anger into words and draw the appropriate conclusions, he can be a very positive force that will help him improve his life.

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