7 Things You Wouldn't Want To Learn Later In Your Life

We must not regret too much about the things we have experienced. Sometimes, however, there comes a time when we realize that if we knew some work earlier, we certainly would have had a lighter life as a young one. Sometimes we reach these insights as a result of personal growth and experience. Another time – after a deep crisis that makes us ask ourselves "Do we really appreciate the world that surrounds us?"
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May 27, 2020

7 things you wouldn't want to learn later in your life


learn later in your life


Coco you have often wondered, "I wish I knew that when I was younger?" Perhaps you cannot get rid of the thought that if your younger self was more enlightened or conscious, you would have dealt with strong emotions and severe situations more appropriately.

With this in mind, in the following lines we will present you 7 important life lessons that will change your perspective and attitude and will improve your life for good. Live in the present moment here and now

We spend too much of our time in plans for the future. As a result, we forget the present moment, we neglect what happens to us in the present moment. Happiness can only exist in the present. The past is gone. The future has not yet come. The present is the only thing we possess.

Our consciousness is extremely turbulent and wandering from thought to thought with hundreds of miles per hour. That's why sometimes it's hard to live "here and now." Try to stop and look around. Look what's happening right now. Think about where you are, listen to your breath. Once you do that, your consciousness will begin to dissolve and appreciate the present moment. You will even feel that your time is no longer slipping away.

Do not subdue your life to what you think you should or should not do

They will always have the expectations of the society, your family, your relatives, and friends. But that doesn't mean that you have to live up to their visions of your future. Only you know what is best for you and you are the only ones who decides what you should and should not do to achieve it. Do not follow the plans of others, but only your own to lead you to happiness and a sense of full value. People tend to exaggerate things-whether because of their internal fears or for any other reason, is irrelevant. You should not succumb to the momentary effect of a particular situation, but to reconsider what is happening after a while. You will be convinced that the situation has not been as fatal as it seemed at first glance.

Just ask yourself, "Realistically, will I think about it tomorrow? And the week after that, next year? " Often the answer will be "No.". Therefore, eliminate all the unnecessary worries you undergo on a daily basis.

Rise more often face to face with your fears We're all afraid of something, whether we admit it or not. Some of our concerns are justified, others-not quite. Remember, it's all just in your head. The sooner you realize this, the better it will be for you, because you will gain the courage to face the things that frighten you to overcome them. Act slowly but surely.  Characteristics of youth are striving for the highest peaks and the desire to have everything happen immediately. This way of thinking often leads to quick disappointments after the collision with the first obstacles. Follow your dreams slowly and methodically. Perseverance is the only thing that guarantees you success. Do not be influenced by the opinions of others.  Everyone alone is responsible for their own problems, worries, opportunities and choices in life. The worst thing that can be your reasons is to leave the influence of the opinion of others. The truth is, the world doesn't revolve around you. Everyone is fighting his own life. Most likely, people don't pay you as much attention as you think. Therefore, do not be influenced by foreign opinion, do not "assume" what the opinion of others is about you. 

Appreciate the little things in life One of the most important lessons in life is gratitude. The older you get, the more you start to appreciate everything your life has provided, including experience, friends, family, lessons, good achievement, even failures. If you learn to be thankful for every thing you have here and now, then you have found the key to true happiness.

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