7 Steps To Tranquility

There is a time of limitations – we have fewer opportunities, money, space – in the real sense. However, we can make reasonable use of this period of limitations. Here are some ideas.
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May 29, 2020

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Think about what savings can be made

On the one hand, during quarantine we spend less money (because we rarely leave the house) on the other hand, however, we often make impulsive purchases. Take a look at what's in the basket aftermarket and think – whether for example expensive sweets, you could not replace it with homemade.


 Small steps forward

Do not put ambitious tasks during the quarantine – Learn 2 foreign languages, lose weight by 5 kg, repaint the house. Plan simple and useful things – in the morning to do 15-20 minutes of gymnastics, and in the evening before sleep, read at least 15 minutes. It is important not how much time you will spend, but to happen regularly.

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In fact, a good book is not only entertainment but also education and comfort. Many libraries online during the pandemic have free access. Take advantage.

Try your creative talents

You have time for experiments. Try with what you want – to draw, to sing, to dance to the sounds of favorite music, or to bake some amazing sweets and decorate them with the children. Anything that comes out of the routine can increase your mood.

Be active

Physical exertion always fixes the mood and stimulates the development of anti-stress hormones. And it generally does not allow us to relax and z into depression. Therefore, it is good to do exercises, gymnastics, yoga, dancing with children – even 15 minutes a day. That's a big benefit.

Find your likenalists

Organize your online meetings with colleagues or partners, especially if your business is affected by the pandemic. You can discuss your worries, problems, make common plans for the future.

Time of reckoning

You have time, take advantage. Write on one sheet your dreams, plans, goals. Remember what your strengths and weaknesses are and think about how you can change something in a positive direction. So in the future, it works in your favor.


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