7 Best Video Surveillance Software In 2020

They will help you check the integrity of the nanny, protect yourself from uninvited guests, and find out what the cat is doing in your absence. Discover software for Video Surveillance.
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May 14, 2020

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Xeoma Download Free

Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android.

The most popular video surveillance SOFTWARE that works with all existing cameras. Xeoma runs on any computer and does not even require installation.

The program has a concise interface and almost limitless features. In addition to the usual motion detector, Xeoma implements recognition of car numbers, faces, and even emotions. All functions work in the form of modules that can be combined into chains and very fine-tuned.

The free version has a limited number of modules, which is enough for home and simple scenarios. For more serious tasks, there are three types of licenses, the price of which depends on the number of cameras.

Download Xeoma from the official site →



Zoneminder Download Free

Platforms: Linux, iOS, Android.

A powerful tool with open source code and an active community that is suitable for organizing video surveillance of any complexity. After setting up, you can view the video from your computer or smartphone, from any browser.

Zoneminder works with all types of cameras, allowing you to record and analyze images from them. With advanced settings, you can set multiple motion detection zones and their sensitivity for each camera. It can send notifications to email or SMS about specified events.

The app is completely free for both home and commercial use.

Download Zoneminder from the official site →



iSpy Download Free

Platforms: Windows, iOS, Android.

iSpy has open-source code, which provides a wide range of possibilities for upgrading the program and makes detailed configuration very convenient. You can extend the functionality by using plug-ins for car license plate recognition, text overlay, and barcode scanning.

You can connect an unlimited number of sources. There's the motion sensor, the network broadcasting the notification. In addition, iSpy supports uploading to YouTube, Dropbox, or an FTP server.

As a source, you can use not only USB and IP cameras but also the desktop image.

Download iSpy from the official website →



Sighthound Video Download Free

Platforms: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android.

This multi-platform program boasts a smart motion sensor that can distinguish a person from a car or pet. It can work with IP and web cameras, but in the free version, you can stream videos from only one source.

Sighthound Video is able to save videos to cloud services and has many useful features for those who are impressed with the concept of a smart home.

On the official website, you can buy a set that will ensure the security of, for example, a country house, and the program itself can work with the IFTTT automation service.

Download Sighthound Video from the official website



AtHome Video Streamer Download Free

Platforms: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android.

The main advantage of AtHome Video Streamer is multiplatform news. In addition to mobile surveillance applications, the program has full-format versions for Windows and macOS.

You can record on a schedule, save videos to cloud services, and send notifications to your smartphone when motion is detected. USB, IP, Smart TV, iOS, and Android cameras are used as sources.

Download At Home Video Streamer from the official website.



EyeLine Video Surveillance Download Free

Platforms: Windows only.

EyeLine Video Surveillance can use up to 100 channels simultaneously. It allows you to use both web and IP cameras as sources.

The program is equipped with a motion detector, an archive manager, and the ability to upload videos to an FTP server. You can receive notifications about events via email or SMS.

EyeLine Video Surveillance is a great option for those who need a simple and effective video surveillance system. The program has a two-week trial period and offers several subscription options with advanced functionality.

Download EyeLine Video Surveillance from the official website →



XProtect Essential+ Download Free

Platforms: Windows, iOS, Android.

A ready-made solution from Milestone that combines ease of operation and a lot of useful features. XProtect Essential+ is suitable for small business and home use.

The program supports up to eight IP, USB, and web cameras, can record movement in the frame, and allows you to configure individual detection zones with greater accuracy. You can view streams from an unlimited number of computers and mobile devices.

XProtect Essential+ does not require activation, and the free version is limited only by the number of cameras. If necessary, it can be easily scaled to a paid version with all settings saved.

Download XProtect from the official website →

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