5 Ways To Spend More Calories Without Workouts

You can increase the energy costs of the body a little without exercise. Confirmed by scientists.
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June 13, 2020

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Maintain a low temperature indoors


Try to keep the room cool, especially during sleep, and be outdoors more often. Cold increases the amount of brown fat, a type of adipose tissue that expends energy to heat the body. Scientists have found out



Sit on the floor more often

If you're watching TV on the floor rather than on a soft couch or chair, more muscles strain, just to keep the body in a certain position. Also, more energy is spent on sitting on the floor and getting off it.

In addition to spending calories, sitting on the floor improves flexibility, muscle tone and posture.

Our body is adapted to perform a full squat, and the modern man performs it all day in half the range. As a result, we gradually lose the flexibility and mobility of the joints.

Once you regain the full range of motion, you will improve your posture, maintain muscle and tendon flexibility, and even prolong life. Study

Sitting on the floor, you can watch TV or play video games, talk on the phone, read books, snack or even dine: forced movements of the body during such a meal will improve digestion.



Chew gum


James Levine and Paulette Baukol of the Mayo Clinic

Moreover, gum helps to consume fewer calories and at the same time feel more energetic. Kathleen Melanson, Professor of Nutriciology at the University of Rhode Island, researched

Assessing their condition, participants stated that they felt a surge of energy and less hunger after chewing gum.

Researchers hypothesized that the chewing process itself stimulates nerves in chewing muscles that send signals to appetite areas in the brain associated with feeling satiety. This explains why the subjects were less hungry.



Go to dynamic music


One group of participants pedaled on a bike to music with a tempo of 150-170 BPM, the other - to rhythmic music with high BPM, and the third - without music. As a result, groups trained to live up to energetic music reached the aerobic zone faster (50-60% of the maximum heart rate), and after reaching the threshold of 75% of the maximum heart rate rhythmic music helped them to maintain the tempo and accelerate.

If you do not arrange yourself cardio training, then just go to rhythmic music, for example, to work or to the store. So you will move faster and spend more calories.



Get new knowledge


In a calm state, the brain consumes

Several British experiments


To spend more calories during mental activity, the task must be challenging and interesting. This is the only way you can maintain a high degree of concentration.

The good news is that the more you train your brain, the more calories it consumes. In the course of the study

However, it should be noted that no mental activity can compare with exercise and a simple home workout will burn more calories than the most complex mathematical example.

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