46 Cool Hacks To Work Clever With Microsoft 365

Together with Aidwiki, we've put together simple secrets that will make word, Excel, Outlook, and other programs more convenient. Learn more hints to use Microsoft 365 package more efficient.
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May 16, 2020

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Microsoft Word

Program for creating, viewing, and editing text documents.

Protect your document with a password

If you have a computer on Windows, then to install the code, click on the File tab, then "Information" - "Protect the document" - "Encrypt with a password."

The main thing is to remember the invented combination because you can't restore the password in Word.

Create your own patterns, themes, and styles

Make it easier if you regularly prepare similar documents, such as monthly reports or coursework, and constantly use the same text formatting.

To maintain the style, highlight the text that is formatted the way you want it to be, and click on it with the right button.

To save the template, draw up a document, then click on the Office button, "Save as" and "Word Pattern".

To create your own theme, enter the "Designer" tab, "Colors" and "Tune colors."


Expanding the fast access bar

Standard, the panel has saved and Undo-action buttons, but you can add others to the settings


Converting a document to a Sway web page

While you save a document in the file type, select the "Web page with a filter" so you can share your work with all colleagues.



They're useful if you're working on a single document with a team.


Different orientation of pages in one document

Choose the page you want to change your orientation for.



Focus button is in the "View" tab



It contains all the snippets of text you copied or cut while working with the document.



On touchscreen devices, you can make edits to text with your finger or pen with the Drawing tool

  • Put the text to highlight it.
  • Cross the text to remove.
  • Draw a wavy line between words.
  • Draw a vertical line inside the word to divide it.
  • Draw a tick to add a word.


Document recovery

If you forget to keep changes to an existing document, log back into it, open the File tab and click "Information."

If you accidentally close a new file, follow the following pattern: "File" and "Information" and "Document Management" and "Restore Unpreserved Books."




Microsoft Excel

Program to work with spreadsheets.



You can add a lot to visually divide the metrics in one table.


Table-based chart

To create a composite chart, you need to identify the necessary cells and click F11: Excel itself converts the data into a graph on a new sheet.

Small diagrams, they're sparklines, you can insert into the table itself.


Colored page markers

To make a sheet with important information easier to find, its label can be painted with color.


Singling out all cells

You can do two ways: by pinning the Ctrl-a combination or by clicking on the button in the left corner of the Excel.


Combining text with the help of

Click on the uniting cell and put a sign of equality. Click on the second cell you want to combine.


Speeding up input

You can assign complex words or icons that aren't on the keyboard, simple substitutions.



Microsoft Powerpoint

It's a presentation program.


Ideas for design

Enter the text and add the pictures to the standard sheet, go to the Constructor tab and click "Ideas for Design." PowerPoint will offer you design options.


Image Transformation

To create an animation experience, use the Transformation transition between two slides.


Using 3D models

You can add them as illustrations through the insert tab.


Add gif animation

Put it in the presentation like a normal picture.



If you create a presentation on a smartphone or tablet, you can add drawings or handwritten inscriptions using the Drawing tool.


Reusing ready-made slides

Choose the slide you want to keep and copy it.


Grouping slides into sections

Click the right button between the slides and the pop-up menu, click "Add section."


Same drawings with captions

Highlight all the right pictures and captions by holding Shift, and then click "Work with drawings."


Working with layers

In the "Drawing" section, click "Format" and then "Selection Area."


Installing guides

Open the View tab and tick the "Guide" tab in the Show window.



Microsoft Edge Browser

Internet browser.



The Collection button is to the right of the address bar



Password Monitoring

In the upcoming Microsoft 365 updates, Edge will add a Password Monitor tool that will help you keep track of password leaks.


Reading mode

If you like to read online publications, science articles or e-books, you can make the process more comfortable with the Immersive Reader extension.


Fixing bugs

Install the Editor extension in the browser.



Microsoft Onenote

Electronic notebook with a few additional handy features.


Create a screenshot of part of the screen

Click the Windows combination to S. With the cursor, highlight the right area to copy.


Copying text from a picture

OneNote is able to convert a picture or a handwritten note into text.


Search for a word in an audio recording or video

If you need to find a specific snippet in a long audio lecture or movie, go to the File tab, click Settings and Sound and Video.


Create a note structure with combinations

Structure helps to quickly organize long and complex documents, plans and presentations.

  • To make a subpage page, click Ctrl q alt q.
  • To raise the page higher in the hierarchy - Ctrl q Alt q.
  • Add a subpage level below the current level - Ctrl q Shift q Alt q N.


Handwriting and Multimedia

You can make notes more colorful with pictures, audio, and video - they are in the insert tab




Microsoft Outlook

Email Management Program


Rules and alerts

In Outlook, you can set mail automatic actions.


Preview of letters

If you want to know the contents of your emails in advance, click the Message View tab in the View tab and select the number of lines from 1 to 3.


Delayed delivery

A tool that will save if you have already prepared an email, but wants to send it tomorrow or next week.


Direct appeal

If you send a letter at once to a large number of people but want to hear a response from someone specific, mention the person's name in the letter and put the symbol Q.


Clearing the conversation

Helps clear the folder from all unnecessary messages at once.

Set up the delete settings so that the program doesn't touch what you still need, such as unread emails or emails with flags.



Microsoft Publisher

Program to create business cards, booklets, calendars, web pages and other graphic materials.


Replacing the picture

Just drag them from the auxiliary area to the layout.


Grouping of objects

To edit multiple images or captions at once, group objects with the eponymous button on the Home tab or by pressing the Shift.


Creating a custom framing

In the Pattern frame tab, click "Create" then "Picture Choice."



Microsoft Access

Database program.


Importing data from Excel

Click on the "External Data" button.


Changing color and font

Forms and reports can be personalized to make them less boring and gray.


Update data with request

On the "Create" tab in the Requests group, then select the right table


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