4 Signs That Your Character Irritates The Surrounding People

Sometimes the way we behave, or the things we talk about, can push people away. Perhaps you are also not proud of some traits of your character and would like to change them. Or it might be something that you find a positive quality, and actually make others angry. In any case, there are some traits of character that are very likely to annoy others. We've selected them on a list. Make sure you recognize yourself in one of them.
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May 29, 2020

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character irritates the surrounding people

 You're painfully candid

In principle, honesty is of good quality. Sometimes, however, it is good to keep the truth quiet or to modify it so that we do not harm the feelings of the person across the street. If you're the people who tell the truth in the eye, no matter how painful it is, you're probably not the favorite in the company. "I don't like your new dress, it actually makes you fat."; "Your work is not so impressive." "Big deal, you're married, stop bragging!" "I don't believe you at all that you don't have time to answer my message, just admit you're not being written!", etc.  It must be hard to abstain, but to know that brutal honesty doesn't like people. 

 You don't like empty talk

You don't like wasting time with idle talk about time, how your weekend went, or something. You'd rather go "directly to the point." Everything else you perceive as a waste of time and you prefer to discuss the essentials, not to "scratch your tongues". As a result, you either sound rude or don't talk to people. You probably think you are an arrogant and pompous person or a bully.

You are uncompromising to ignorance

As long as you are open to learning something new and you want to improve yourself, many people have no desire to do so. And that naturally annoys you. So when someone is speaking incompetent on a subject, you cannot remain indifferent. To keep everyone happy, try to limit contact with similar people because you are unlikely to change them. We agree that self-esteem without coverage can be infuriating, but sadly, many people suffer from this unconscious ignorance syndrome. The most you can lose your nerves and enter into conflict with a person who neither will change nor is willing to hear another from his own point of view.

You do not tolerate people who complain constantly

You are accustomed to doing your job at no cost, and you expect the same from others. Yes, but no. Some people are just born grumbled. They complain all the time. Sometimes they look for sympathy, another time they just want to say it to make them feel better. You think a man has to tighten up and overcome his problems. So when you need to work with a similar gambit, it's not easy for you. It is very likely that at some point you will be fed up with the constant complaint about everything and tell yourself what you think. In this case, however, you risk to be insensitive and heartless brutes.


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