36 Quai Des Orfevres Review (Drama, 2004)

Learn more about the movie "36 Quai Des Orfevres" released in 2004. Honestly review and critics. Is it worthing to watch "36 Quai Des Orfevres"?
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36 Quai Des Orfevres - Storyline, Actors And Ratings

The movie "36 Quai des Orfevres" is a Drama production.

Director: Olivier Marshall

Actors: Gerard Depardieu, Daniel Auteuil, Valeria Golino, Andre Dusolier, Rushdy Zem



36 Quai Des Orfevres Review

All very hectic in a glorious city Paris. Gang of scumbags cheeky and with incredible cruelty commits robbery of armored banking cars, killing guards and withwed huge sums with you. They're great. armed and do not stop either to what. The police, no matter how hard they try, can't go on the trail yet. gang, though it has already committed eight Robberies. Police chiefs, of course, furious, but even more infuriated by the prefect of the city, who requires by any means to stop this mayhem, so if you say what's on Orfevre 36, where it is located Police Department, all lightly nervous, it means not to say No problem. Because everything is just on edge ...

Gang robbers are engaged in two departments at once - "homicide" (homicide department), which directed by Leo Wrinks (Daniel Otey), and Department for Combating Organized crime, working under the denis Klein (Gerard) Depardieu). Wrinkles and Klein were once friends, but then their paths diverged, because they look very different from his profession. Wrinkles - real Detective hating administrative and paperwork, who believes that the challenge cop - investigate crime and catch ingress. At the same time, Wrinks adheres to the code of conduct a person who knows very well that the actions of partners often depend on it's your own life.

Klein It's different. Being really extraordinary police detective, Klein works on the principle of "goal justifies the means." And the goal is Klein alone - the place of the chief Department. He's raving about power, he's ready to do anything for the sake of a career, and if you'll have to sacrifice it. a few co-workers, quite ready to do it.

In the gap described in the film time has come so far when the chief's chair from Klein is so close that you can reach out to him Touch: Current Chief The department is being transferred to Ministry, and Klein is the most a real candidate for his place. However, Wrinks as chief does not the less important department, too, seen as a candidate to this post. And the current boss, Robert Mancini (Andre Dusolier), favors Vrinks and wants him. to make the head of the Department, however, Klein is more likable city leadership, because, in unlike Wrinks, quite fits to the existing political system. Klein is their own for them. And Wrinks is an outsider and he'll never be his own.

However in this case, it will not be up to the Head of the Department and not even city leadership. Because Elimination of the gang of scumbags - the case completely fundamental as for prefectures, and for the police, The boss will be the one whose department will be able to solve this problem. So relationships between departments that They used to be not too friendly, we're so hot.

Wrinkles doing everything to get on the trail of the gang and eliminate it. He even agrees. help his informant, who in return promises to give the policeman very important information. However, the informant substitutes Wrinks, and he has terrible problems. And Klein, upon learning of what happened, of course, to the fullest The program takes advantage of the opportunity Eliminate a competitor...


Director Olivier Marshall in the past - policeman Operative. At the heart of this film It's a story that happened to loved ones. Marshall's friend, a policeman framed, and he had to spend six long years in prison. The script also used a few more real criminal cases.

Immediately I will say - the film turned out very good. Serious, dramatic, exciting, and, in general, life. Some viewers in the discussions said that Marshall, they say, overstepped the mark, it doesn't happen to be a beast. and a scoundrel (Klein), arranging similar mayhem, always coming out of the water dry. However, after listening to the stories of the specials from the Anti-Gang Control Department, I can say that it happens not like that. It doesn't happen like that in a movie - evil is always punishable and so on. And in life - As much as you like.

"The embankment Orfevr 36" filmed soon in American traditions, rather than French. It's not "Goodbye, Cop." It's closer to the scrum.  - incandescent, dramatic, and rigid Presentation. However, before the "Struggle" painting still falls short, though its level is quite high.

In the similar films built more on the psychology of central behavior characters and on the development of intrigue, Rather than any active action, the main actors are very important. In here they're handpicked very well and, in general, pull out the picture. Daniel Other has always been brilliant dramatic actor, although he sometimes starred in comedies, and the role of Wrinks played by him Immaculately. What is particularly important is that Oti himself in texture - not a hero-superman. The face of the clerk, puny Physique... And the character demonstrated -- present Head of the homicide department. Chief hard, principled, but quite realistic -- with his weaknesses and Problems.

From Depardieu, who recently not always happy, especially Given his involvement in all the very weak French comedies and America's nightmarish "historic" dramas, I didn't expect anything special. Even initially thought his totally needlessly invited to the role characteristic scoundrel. But Depardieu pleasantly surprised. Not that I'm already quite delighted, but Klein's role played very well - well, let's just say, four-plus. The main plus - all the same authenticity. Merzavets Klein - not a classic movie villain, disgusted by one of his own Views. It's quite a living person - a careerist to whom they desire to get in up covered everything else in this Life. You can see that he's talking about some things himself. regrets, but can no longer stop. The end justifies the means, especially When this goal is so close...

To scripted film, however, remained certain claims. Somewhere Marshall clearly overdone with accents -- apparently considering that otherwise, it will not reach the audience. It kind of spoils the experience a little bit. Except for Facebook, the American style has played its bad role in the ending - finale it's great to spoil the experience because It's very tense. If only a movie ended 20 minutes before -- it would have much better. But Marshall is probably decided that if you were to stylize, it would be up to End. It's a pity, it's a pity...

I'm going to take a while. A perfectly decent police drama with excellent acting. Despite certain irregularities, The film turned out to be quite good. It's just a must.' see because it's top class. Depardieu, though, too. But I still have to. sorry that French directors diligently imitating Hollywood. In this case turned out even well, But still - for nothing they do it ...



36 Quai des Orfèvres - Trailer

36 Quai des Orfèvres - Trailer (2004, France, Olivier Marchal)


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