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3:10 To Yuma - Storyline, Actors And Ratings

The movie "3:10 to Yuma" is a Drama production. Director: James Mangold Actors: Russell Crowe, Christian Bale, Alan Tudik, Ben Foster, Dallas Roberts, Logan Lerman, Peter Fonda, Vanessa Shaw, Gretchen Mol, Lenny Loftin3: 10 to Yuma has been produced with the budget of Budget: $ 55 million Worldwide box office: $ 60 million Western is when they shoot. And when you talk about life, it's a melodrama. The revelation of the cat Bagel



3:10 To Yuma Review

Very much Wild West, late 19th century, Arizona. Two main characters - Ben Wade (Russell Crowe) and Dan Evans (Christian) Bale). The first is a thug and a criminal, but at the same time, the personality is very interesting and even something cute - good, scoundrel, plus the fastest gun west that in those harsh times were valued at an order of magnitude higher than a fair education. The second is half-beggar farmer who lost his part of his leg, and now he's being hit by a drought and perpetual unpaid debts.

In the at some point the path-track of the two the main characters crossed over - Ben with his gang was robbing a stagecoach with money, which was accompanied by brave guys Pinkerton's agencies, armed Gatling's machine gun, and Dan with the boys (that have with the kids) was driving into town to try to hold your own Hollander's creditor (Lenny Loftin), who set fire to his shed, dispersed the cows and almost abused over the roof home of a hapless veteran.

Contrary Ben didn't shoot. unexpected witness. No, at its most Wade doesn't need to slam. man, however he loves to show off your gangster swagger, so all the husks like he doesn't care about unexpected witnesses. Ben even goes with his bandyuks to the nearest town, where his might grab -- before he spit he wanted sheriffs, pinkertons and all the others beautiful men. Bandits in the town get their share from the ringleader, slightly drink and go on their own Business. And Ben hangs out in town with barmaids -- he liked it for something.

But such a spitting attitude towards your own security for nothing Passes. Sheriff with his assistants on the next day they detain Ben, and now they need to form a squad, to deliver the criminal to the the nearest train station, before which is a few days away. They should catch the train to Fort Yuma, where There is a prison.

To unfortunately, the assistants at the sheriff's office clearly it's not enough, especially since it's probably a gang. Wade will try to fight off his leader. And then Dan Evans, who is present when Ben's arrest, offers the sheriff his help -- not without charge, of course, and for two hundred dollars to help him to pay off some of the debt.

The sheriff agrees, and now This squad is taking the arrested man through prairie to the station. Around the battle Apaches, bounty hunters, bandits of all suits, and Ben's assistants. So what's going on? The trip will be - I beg you ...


Strange Film. How the western genre has blossomed has already long enough. And rare bursts in form "Jack Bulla or Open Space the big picture doesn't change. And here - not just Western, and just quite expensive blockbuster with top actors. Somehow it's somewhat unexpected. However Hollywood stayed true to itself - that too remake, and the 1957 film, in which played by Glenn Ford and Van Heflin.

In the modern "Train to Juma" the main thing - not frantic chases and skirmishes, though they're there, too. Focus the film is done on psychological portraits of characters. Ben Wade - No cartoon villain. On the contrary, he pretty interesting person with certain values of life. He easily kills his assistant, who made a mistake, but leaves in live kickerton, which he had more not threatening. He also leaves alive Dana even pays him compensation for Cows. (And the one, as far as we remember, "in gratitude" escorts Ben in prison.) Wade is clearly well-educated, he courtesy of women, quoted The Bible is good at drawing. In general, not bandit, just some Lord Byron.

Dan Evans isn't that simple either. In the early in the film he 'sminded and almost desperate farmer, and near the end the man is spinning and spinning, though it's could cost him his life.

Played both of these characters are very good. Christian Bale, of course, was background of the very spectacular Russell Crowe to portray a smin-like farmer, but he, In my opinion, the task has coped with Glitter: the process of winding poor fellows are shown quite authentically, and I I don't agree with the view that Bale looked a few in this movie Wooden. That's what he should have been. look like, because this is Crowe's character - charming scoundrel, and Bale's character - a squalid farmer who even own son despises for weakness and Nothing.

Well, Crowe was able to complete turn around in the role of Ben: such uneasy and charismatic scoundrels always loved by the audience, and Crowe like the role plays simply with brilliance.

Also Very bright turned out to be the role of Ben Foster, who played the main assistant Bena named Charlie Prince. Seemed most recently Foster played a redhead the kid in "The Big Ones" troubles" and a winged young man in The Last Battle of the People X", and now - a cool banduc, and it was played brilliantly! In some moments, there was even it is not clear which of them has the cooler charisma - Crowe or Foster.

Well and pleased Alan Tyudick from FireFly in the role Dr. Potter. Turn around him They didn't give it, but it's always nice to see this actor.

And now, Fyodor, the main thing. For all that the film is shot and played on very high level, it contains a few straight-ups astonishment of scripted absurdities. It's hard to talk about them in detail, so as not to spoiler, but what's the plot tie that especially the ending - surprised immensely. And Disappointed.

With it is not clear with which Ben's stats aren't just without anything. need went straight into the sheriff's lair and railway workers, but also swayed there with my aunt, that is, did everything to He must have been arrested. From development the plot didn't mean he was straight and longs to be seized and dragged on the train to the prison.

And The ending is just beyond the bounds at least some logic and at least some kind of Understanding. Terribly stretched, sucked even Don't get it from your finger, don't understand where you're coming from. and as a result, it spoils a lot impression of it by and large quite a decent film. Why, why - I couldn't understand. Bublik Cat suggested that three screenwriters (and their picture is exactly so much) - a hero without a finale. Well, if Only...

With the reaction of the audience to this film is also somehow Weird. On IMDB at Trains On Juma" rating is very high - 194th top250. And rolled he rather modestly -- barely collected the box office, which is equivalent to almost a failure.

You can see it, of course. - like a modern western is everything looks like a solid four. But why picture visibly sithed by the finale - the answer here knows only the wind of the prairie. But he doesn't say anything.

P. S. Ben Wade must first was playing Tom Cruise. Yeah, yeah. And Dan Evans - Eric Bana. But with Cruz, not (apparently, fortunately), and when on project originated by Russell Crowe, then Christian Bale's candidacy was immediately endorsed by the director, producer and Crowe.


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