30 Things A Child Should Do At Own

All parents dream to educate responsible and independent children who are confident in themselves and to fend for themselves in all situations. But if they're afraid to delegate responsibilities to the kid and are constantly hanging over his head, that's not going to happen. It is important that parents are consistent in their requirements and step by step to build success. To support the child, and when they see he's doing it, to let him act on his own.
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May 27, 2020

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2-3 years old

1. Collect your messy toys and wash them.

2. To put his dirty clothes in the washing machine.

3. To arrange the table for food.

4. Collect the crumbs from the table after the feeding is completed.

5. To take the dirty dishes to the sink or the dishwasher.

6. To dress and undress (parents can help in more complex actions).

7. Choose what to wear for the day (the choice in the cupboard should not be too large).

5 – 7 years

8. To dress and take a vow.

9. Tie the shoelaces.

10. Brushing my teeth.

11. Set the water temperature at the tap and in the bath.

12. Soap and wash your head and body.

13. Dial the phone to an ambulance.

8 – 10 years old

14. Arrange the bag.

15. To self-prepare my homework.

16. Washing dishes.

17. To place the okay and washing machine as well as the microwave.

18. Cook simple Things – make a sandwich, boil eggs.

19. Wash the floor.

20. To handle the vacuum cleaner.

21. Take care of pets.

12-13 years old

22. Shopping

23. To cook as follows recipe – to boil macaroni, potatoes and not only for himself but also for other family members.

24. Take care of your personal hygiene (shower, cut your nails, change your underwear).

25. To provide first medical assistance if necessary.

26. Plan your time.

27. Get up on your own in the morning for school.

28. To be fully responsible for their school obligation, not only for the preparation of the lessons but also for the success, preparation for competitions and exams.

29. Moving around the city on its own by using transport.

30. To bring a younger brother/sister from kindergarten, from school, and to be responsible.


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