17 Instagram Tricks You Might Not Have Known About

Make using the social network more convenient, and make your profile more beautiful. Instagram Tricks that will surprise you.
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May 11, 2020

17 Instagram Tricks You Might Not Have Known About


Adding unusual fonts to a signature

Instagram caption: if you want your profile caption to look stylish, open the Fonts For Instagram or TextGenerator service and type the desired text there. Unfortunately, due to Instagram restrictions, only Latin characters are supported.

Then copy the caption and paste it in the "About me" field in your profile settings. And the text will be highlighted in an unusual font.



Deleting your name from other people's photos

Did one of your friends tag you in a bad photo or a stupid picture with a meme? You can delete a mark. To do this, open the photo and tap your name on it. Then you can either delete yourself from there or hide the photo from the list of those photos in your profile where you were marked.



Filtering comments

Instagram users are not always tactful. By default, the social network tries to filter offensive comments, but you can also manually add words that you don't like to the stop list.

To do this, click "Settings" → "Privacy" → "Comments" and enable the "Manual filter" option. Then, in the field at the bottom, list the words separated by commas that you do not want to see under your posts.



Disabling other people's stories

Sometimes our subscribers abuse stories by publishing them too often. And unsubscribe from annoying do not want, or it does not allow you to do the rules of decency. In this case, you can simply remove notifications about this person's stories. To do this, tap the three dots next to the person's name and tap Switch to mute mode.



Invisible mode - enabled

You may not want your interlocutors to know when you appear online. In this case, you can enable invisible mode. To do this, open the settings and click "Privacy" → "Network status" and disable the "Show network status"option. But keep in mind that then you will also not see friends who are online.



Downloading an archive with all photos

You've uploaded a lot of photos to Instagram since you've been using It. Why not save them in a more secure place in case you lose access to your account or just decide to delete it.

Open the settings, go to "Security" → "data Download" And enter your email address. It will take some time to create the archive, and then a download link will be sent to you.



Prohibiting sharing Stories

For example, you want to post some stories of a sensitive nature, but you are afraid that subscribers will share it with strangers. To avoid this, click on the gear in camera mode and disable the "Allow sharing" option. The ban will apply to all Stories until you change your settings again.



Profile restriction

Sometimes one of your subscribers can be annoying, but not so much that they can be permanently blocked. In this case, you can restrict their account. The user will be able to write comments to you, but no one will see them except them and you. And he won't know if you've read his messages. To do this, open their profile, click on the "Subscriptions" button and select the "Restrict access" option.



Setting a solid background in Stories

Let's say you want to create a solid background in your Stories and then add elements to it. Some do this by turning the brush size to the maximum and coloring the field manually. But there is a trick that will save you time and effort. Add an image to your history. Tap the brush icon at the top and select a color. Then tap and hold your finger on the screen and the entire field will be filled in with the selected color.



Creating a semi-transparent background in Stories

Similarly, you can create semi-transparent backgrounds. The photo or image that you fill in will Shine through the layer of the desired color. Add an image to the history, switch to the Marker tool (it is the second tool after the Brush), and select a color. Then tap and hold it.



Creating transparent patterns in Stories

Here is another example of how you can make your photos more original. Fill your image with a solid or semi-transparent background, as indicated in the previous paragraphs. Then select the Eraser tool and draw something.



Creating gradient text in Stories

You can not only color the text you create in different colors, but also make it gradient. To do this, select it, and then tap and hold the circle with the desired color at the bottom with one finger to make the palette appear. Use your other finger to hold the text selection marker, either to the right or left. And move your fingers in the same direction: if they are on the right, swipe them to the left, and Vice versa.



The creation of pending items

Everyone knows that you can apply gifs, text, and other elements to videos in Stories. But you can also set the time when they appear, so that the object does not appear immediately, but with a delay, at the right time.

Create a video as usual and add text or a GIF to it. Then tap and hold the item. A slider will appear at the bottom. By moving it, you can determine when the item should appear. When you have selected it, click the Attach button.



Acceleration, deceleration, and echo creation

Even in the latest Instagram update, there are three new effects that can be applied to videos. To access them, remove the video and click on the "Boomerang" icon at the top, and then select the desired one:

SlowMo - slow down the video, as in the "Matrix". Given that Instagram videos are short, this will help your viewers see the details in the frame.

Echo - adds blur to the "boomerang" and makes the movement faster.

Duo - speeds up video rewinding. The video is played at a normal pace, and then quickly returns to the beginning.



Cropping videos

Until recently, Instagram didn't allow you to crop videos you recorded. This was very unpleasant because if you couldn't shoot the video perfectly from the first take, you had to start over.

Now you can crop the beginning and end of the video to eliminate bad moments from the frame. To do this, remove the "boomerang" as usual, then click on the second icon at the top — the timeline will appear. By moving the markers from the beginning and end of the video, trim the clip as you need.



Creating collages in Stories

There are a lot of Instagram apps that allow you to create collages. But iPhone users can do without them. Add an image to Stories or fill it with the background, as shown in the previous paragraphs. Then open the "Gallery", find the image there, click" Share" and select "Copy".

Go back to Instagram and you will see the copied photo. Click on it and it will be added to the collage. Repeat as many times as you want. If you click on a photo in the collage itself, it will take a horizontal position.



Applying masks to a snapshot

You can apply masks not only to new images but also to existing ones. Just select a photo from the gallery, open the mask menu, and add the appropriate one.

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