15 Signs You're A Mature Personality

These qualities say that over the years you not only grow up, but also gain wisdom.
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June 12, 2020



Ability to introspection

You can look at your life through the eyes of an outside observer, take a neutral position to assess actions, thoughts, emotions. This approach allows you to better understand your strengths and weaknesses and decide which direction to go next.




You think first, and then do, you can calculate the expediency and consequences of actions. Infantile person lives with emotions and momentary desires. Mature - does not break down on loved ones, knows how to keep silent, if a stupid conflict is brewing.




You have learned to be grateful for what happened to you and what you have avoided. You appreciate the people who make you happy and don't take them for granted.




You have not in words, but in fact have ceased to evaluate the book on the cover, and people - on formal signs and stereotypes. Teenage maximalism no longer prevents you from realizing that the world is not black and white, others may be different from you and remain good, and sometimes there are few correct opinions.



Building borders

You understand what is acceptable for you in a relationship - love, friendship, workers - and how far you are willing to go than to sacrifice to save them. And if someone violates the boundaries of what is allowed, you will act, discuss, and not pretend that nothing has happened and everyone lives like that.



Sustainable moral standards

You consider your actions not through the prism of "what people will think" or "and if anyone sees." A mature man has decided on moral boundaries. From wrong actions he is warned not by the inevitability of punishment or possible condemnation, but by a clear realization that this is unacceptable. Therefore, he does not do doubtful things for himself, even if no one sees and does not know.




You are responsible for words and actions, do not promise the impossible, do not shift decisions to another. A mature person realizes that the quality of his life is entirely his responsibility. External circumstances can make their own adjustments. But if you keep complaining that things are bad, but you don't do anything to make a difference, you're more of an infantile person than a victim of circumstances.



Adopting yourself

You have learned to accept yourself as you are, with all the advantages and disadvantages. This does not mean that we need to stop improving and correcting shortcomings. But it is worth learning to be satisfied with yourself now, at any stage of the path to the ideal, because this road has no end and it is a shame to spend the rest of your life, hating and reproaching yourself.




You have ceased to count only on instant results and have learned to wait for the fruits of your labor. For some things to happen, it is not enough to want them - you need to work hard. And even that doesn't guarantee that you'll get your way.




You understand that no one should solve your problems. A mature person does not act on the perhaps in the hope that someone will help to swim out of the abyss. To put money on a trinket and leave the family without food, thinking that parents or friends will throw money - it is infantilism. Correcting the behavior so that in the event of a problem situation there was an opportunity to solve everything on their own - the act of a mature person.



Learning lessons

Mistakes learn, but not all. A mature person learns from failures, recognizes similar situations and does not allow repeated failures.



Constructive interaction with reality

You don't run away from problems, you don't close your eyes to them, you don't think they'll get away with it. A mature person recognizes difficulties and looks for ways to cope with them.




In most cases, you don't think it's necessary to lie. On the way to maturity, you have surrounded yourself with people with whom it is not required: you do not need to wear masks and embellish reality. If you have to lie, a mature person realizes why he does it. Trying to secure the feelings of one's neighbor through lies and the desire to manipulate it is not the same thing.



The ability to build relationships

A mature person realizes that he is not the center of the universe, so he is able to build equal partnerships, in which not only takes, but also gives. He is capable of compassion, support, attention and genuine interest, and accepting help without feeling vulnerable.



Realistic-optimistic view of the world

You really appreciate the situation, but do not lose faith in the best and the presence of the spirit. A mature person understands that good things cannot happen continuously, and there are failures. But the black stripes are running out, especially if you don't give up. However, pessimism and defeatist sentiments can lead to the fact that the forces will not rejoice even in really bright days.

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