12-year-olds Have "achieved" More In This Regard Than I Have

The Story

Hello, I am a first year student (I left 1 year earlier) and I am 18 years old. I live with my grandparents, I keep in touch with my father who after parting with my mother settled with his girlfriend in the next neighborhood, after which a child was born - my sister ... The story with my mother is more ... difficult ... after they broke up with my father, she met another man in Italy, where both of my brothers are from, I haven't seen or heard from them for about 10 years ... Later my mother became entangled with some Russian sects that took her money and as far as I know - destroyed her mentally with pills and systematic religious fanaticism ... I shared my family history because I think it has to do with the real problem I'm writing about - anxiety ... In principle, I'm very quiet and meek person,

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October 30, 2020