12 Parables You Should Read For All Zodiac Signs

12 parables for the 12 zodiac signs that will surprise you. Moral stories that convert the meaning of zodiac signs to something close to our characters. Find out your parable in the article below.
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March 04, 2020



Aries - moral history

When you find out that the person around you is Aries, you need to know a few basic things about him. The representatives of this zodiac sign are very impulsive, easily angry, but their most characteristic feature is persistence.

Have you thought of one Aries, rest assured that it will, and nothing can stand in its way. How exactly this trait of the
Aries is expressed can be seen from the parable we present to you.

Aries was running for his very important work on the rail tracks when a train appeared to meet him. Aries refused to back down, hit the car and bounced back.

He quickly got to his feet and took the same path again, but his horns met the locomotive again.

And for the third time, the ram did not give up and headed straight for the train, but the driver decided to reverse, pull into the sideline and make room for the ram, which he proudly passed along.

It became clear that more than a ram could be just another ram.



Taurus - moral story

Stubbornness is the quality that unites all Tauruses, and if one persists and refuses to deviate from one's own opinion even by a centimeter, you must assume that it is a representative of the earth's zodiac sign.

However, their stubbornness is not always meaningless and sometimes leads to great success.

How exactly, you can read in this parable.

They invited the Taurus to participate in a corridor from which he would gain a huge fortune. The fact that he could get rich seduced him and he decided to get involved, even at the risk of losing his life.

The bullfight began, the bullfighter raising the red flag, but instead of running toward it, the Taurus did not budge. Whatever the bullfighter did, as well as push the Taurus, he remained pinned in place.

In the end, the toador gave up, as did the whole audience, who said that Taurus was too lazy and that the show would not be fun.

Whom everyone went to, Taurus lifted one of his hooves and from there shone a huge gold coin, which he saw as soon as he came on stage. So the Taurus left the corridor, as he saved his life, he got rich.

The conclusion is that sometimes we have to stand up for ourselves and not give up on our positions because that's where our luck lies.



Gemini - moral history

Gemini is the zodiac sign that is naturally endowed with the gift of a word. They use words of exceptional mastery and impress everyone with their communication skills. However, you can find out what they are saying in practice from the following parable.

The twins decided to travel and so began discussing with each other the destinations they wanted to visit.

“To sail a ship across the ocean,” suggested one Gemini

"That's good, but if we have a storm? It is better to climb some high mountain, replied the other Gemini

"A great idea, but if it's too cold." Why not visit some tropical jungle, said the first Gemini

"It's going to be a real adventure, but the danger of wildlife is too great," said the second Gemini.

So the Twins discussed what destinations they were worth visiting, but it was always this But that made them hesitate. And time passed, and while the Twins were just talking about how much they wanted to travel the world, they never really left their small town.

The lesson is that no matter how brilliant our ideas are, we will never see results from them unless we take risks and take any action to implement them.



Cancer - a moral story

Why the behavior of the representatives of the Zodiac Cancer is what it is, you can find out from a parable dedicated to the zodiac sign. This wise story is only devoted to the Cancer zodiac sign.

The hungry crab saw algae in front of him, and with all his urge, went to it to eat. But as he took a step forward, he also took a step back and still did not get to his appetizing breakfast.

But since the Earth is circular, though long after, cancer has reached its destination. All the time he was moving one step forward, then doing two backward, which prevented him from going more purposefully.

But by the time it reached the algae, it was dry. Cancer remained hungry, but he became famous as the first traveler to travel around the world, receiving all the food he could dream of.

The lesson for this zodiac sign is that they can act slowly and quite often go backward instead of forward, but in the end, they will always achieve great success as long as they are patient enough and do not give up midway.



Lion - moral story

One parable best describes the behavior of the Leo zodiac sign. The zodiac sign, which has the highest self-esteem and lives for the applause of others, can have a very tragic fate, as this story shows.

The lion was the most confident animal in the jungle. In the morning he would get up and tell himself Oh, how brave I am! During the day you kept saying Oh how great I am! And before you went to sleep, you thought, Oh, how worthy I am.

Throughout the night he dreamed of being admired and applauded. But while walking in the jungle, the other animals did not give him the attention he needed.

No one worshiped his marvelous beauty, nor did his breath stop when he appeared, but blend in with the landscape, even though he was the king of the jungle.

Then the lion decided to go to the zoo, where it became one of the exhibits. So every day he heard how beautiful, majestic and extraordinary he was, though because of these compliments he was deprived of his freedom.

The audience was at his feet every day and received the fame he wanted, but in the meantime, he lived between four walls.

So the lion realized that the more you seek the approval and applause of people, the less you restrict your personal freedom to be what you want, and you always have to be what the audience will like.



Virgo - moral history

This parable will reveal to you the characteristic that all the representatives of the Virgo zodiac have. And the Devas themselves can understand what their greatest weakness is that they have to work on in order not to be unhappy all their lives.

The virgin decided that it was time for her to marry but still did not find a suitable husband by her criteria. One was too tall, another too low, the third did not make enough money, and the fourth was not attractive enough.

After years of searching for the right lover, the Virgin finally found a groom whose faults she could perfect.

Then she started looking for a bridal gown, but no one answered her requests. Her first dress seemed too short, her second dress too long. Some dresses were too simple and others were too flashy for her style.

Time passed and the maiden still hadn't found the perfect dress, but one day a miracle happened and she found exactly what she wanted. At that time, however, the bridegroom was already a grandfather and not a husband.

Thus, the perfectionism of the Virgin and the eternal search for perfection that fulfilled her criteria in every detail left her alone for the rest of her days.



Libra - moral story

There is no other zodiac sign like Libra that is so diligent about striving for balance and harmony. However, what they lose in the eternal search for the golden environment, you can find out from the parable we present.

One day the Scales fell between two friends who were arguing. One was pulling them to the right and the other to the left, and sensitively Libra tried to keep her balance without neglecting anyone.

"Ah, the one on the right is more right, but we want to be kind to the one on the left, Libra thought, refusing to make a firm decision."

They only dreamed of staying in perfect balance, taking everyone's opinion into account. But that never happened, and so the Scales reflected on their unfortunate fate.

As they reasoned over their lives, the Scales came to the conclusion that, in fact, no one was interested in them, only giving them a new and new burden to measure and to worry about.

No one noticed how much they care and how they try to please everyone without sharing their personal point of view.

The lesson is that by putting others' opinions on a pedestal and pretending to be others, many less will appreciate us. When you allow others to munch on you and not respond, they will use you without thinking.



Scorpio - moral history

An instructive parable will show you where the big dramas most often come from the representatives of the Scorpio zodiac sign. They are trustworthy, but they find it very difficult to rely on that quality.

The scorpion repelled all the animals with its acidic nature and no one wanted to play with it. He was constantly alone until he met a beetle who decided to become his only friend.

The two played different games and became close. In their friendship, everything went in honey and oil, until the beetle met the fly and made friends with it.

The fly didn't like the scorpion at all and kept telling the beetle how unpleasant he was and how he had to break his friendship with him.

The beetle, however, refused to believe the fly and even protected the scorpion, from which he saw only kindness. Once, however, the scorpion heard the fly rage at his address, and he was suspected of losing his only friend.

He began to get jealous every time the beetle played with the fly instead of him and fearing that one day his friend would leave him, he decided to react first by stinging the beetle.

Thus, the jealousy of the scorpion and its eternal vigilance again left him the lone animal in the forest.



Sagittarius - moral story

When Sagittarius wants something, the goal is the only thing that drives them, and they will not comply with any restrictions. However, you can read how the Archers aim with precision at this parable.

The shooter has poor accuracy and no matter how hard he tries, his arrow never hits the top ten. He tried many times, but his performance was never as brilliant as he wished.
Everyone kept saying to him that he had no talent for what he did and it was better to give up, but the shooter was just catching up.

"I will one day become the best shooter in the world," he said, continuing to look at the target.

But since the old approach doesn't help, the shooter decided to change perspective and instead of aiming first, firing the arrow and then drawing a circle around it so that it would always be right in the center.

The conclusion is that changing the approach is a success. Sometimes you don't have to strive for great achievements, but look at what has already been accomplished as a great achievement.



Capricorn - moral story

The representatives of the Capricorn zodiac are known for whatever they are worth, they will climb to the top in front of them. This is the only zodiac sign that is prepared for difficulty, but there is only one thing to keep in mind that you will learn from this parable.

The Capricorn was born as a simple goat who wanted to achieve more than everyone else around. He decided he would climb the highest peak to prove he could do more than the others.

The goat went to the top and neither the obstacles on the road nor the bad weather gave it away. All the while he was looking to the top and knew he would one day conquer it.

Months had passed and the summit was still a long way off, but it never occurred to the goat to give up and go back. He struggled with distance and challenges but finally managed to conquer the highest peak.

When he looked from above, he could see the whole world at his feet. Called:

- Look at me, I'm the biggest Capricorn!

But no one answered him or congratulated him on the achievement, because the Capricorn was alone at the top.

The lesson is that no victory is valuable when you have no one to share the achievement with. The loved ones should always go hand in hand with personal goals so that we do not be left alone in our best and worst moments.



Aquarius - moral history

Aquariums are the most unusual representatives of the zodiac, but while they try to always be different from the rest and be original, they forget that their needs are no different from those of others. And if you don't believe it, this parable will prove it to you.

The Aquarius invented this name himself because he did not want to be a regular watering man who already carries water for the beds and washes the streets with a hose.

After inventing an original and unique name for himself, he decided to name each object differently and thus different from the others.

The Sun called the Shining Lord of the Sky, the Moon the Pale Night Beauty, and the stars are now called Sparks on Divine Fire.

Once he entered the bakery and asked for that fragrant miracle that comes from mature Polish cereals. The baker thought he was making fun of him and kicked him out. So the Aquarius remained hungry, but also called the famine an obscure longing for the unattainable.

The lesson is that, regardless of their aspiration for sublimity and eccentricity, everyone has needs that will make him or her ordinary like everyone else.



Pisces - moral history

The Pisces zodiacal character is perhaps the most difficult to unravel, and it is their mystery that sets them apart from other zodiac signs. They also differ in the quality that all Pisces possess - their strong faith, which very often becomes insane superstition.

This parable will show you how they may suffer from their strong superstition.

The fish did nothing before first consulting the stars. One morning, she got up and felt that she was being eaten by an alga, but then she read her horoscope and it said that it was not appropriate to eat an alga today.

Then she thought of a mouthwatering scoop, but the placement of the stars also banned scoops. Then the fish saw a worm and immediately ate it.

But the worm was hung on the hook of a fishing rod who also regularly read his horoscope, and today he foretells a good catch.

The lesson is that no one can escape their destiny. What is intended to happen to us will happen to us, whether we resist and try to prevent it.

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