10 Types Of Personalities That Hinder Young Parents

Once there is a child in the family, many parents, along with friends and even acquaintances, are unlikely to be required to offer all sorts of life advice in terms of their experience and their own subjective judgment.
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May 15, 2020



10 Types Of Personalities

The BBC devotes itself to the content of the topic. The British public media network published a light dose of irony, but useful text. She is expecting the Royal baby of Prince William and Kate, in which the whole of the United Kingdom is interested, as is the world.

Its authors note that there are 10 types of people outside the family who give annoying advice and advertise their own, wrong behavior. Parents should avoid them. We are talking about the following individuals:

1. Authors of mentoring books with tips for parents.

There are more than 70,000 of them on the market in the UK alone, the BBC points out. To a large extent, these shiny covers with beautiful photos of children and babies hide messages that deprive parents of their own unique decision-making powers.

2. Insufferably competent friends and friendly families.

A type of pair in which a man prepares an organic vegetable Breakfast or a woman teaches a child words in Catalan.

3. Personalities from the category "my life is falling apart and everything around me is an obvious mess, but let me give you one or two tips for kids"

People who haven't seen their children in almost a decade.

4. an Undervalued father-in-law or mother-in-law is dangerously close.

These figures can bring a provocative disruption to the new parent's life.

5. A lover of everything French (and maybe the West), which tells how everything is made better. How polite and well-mannered the children are there. How best dressed.

6. Guy type ”I read about it on the Internet."

The problem is that everyone reads on the Internet. Also, not everything in life is done by following instructions.

7. Superpowered.

Someone who reads the minds of other people's children. "I think she's hungry," he says. "I think he wants to sit somewhere," he adds. And so on.

8. a Father obsessed with equipment for children-strollers, bicycles, car accessories.

This guy always wants to share. In fact, share and share constantly. Alas, part of every man's soul is dedicated to extreme attention to detail.

9. Amateur Doctors.

People like "Dr. Google knows everything". The "experts" on child development are willing to give their advice for free and generously”

10. A friend who says: ”you can't give advice for this thing."

In fact, the first parent advice column was published after 1690. Of course, the right answers haven't been found for everything yet, but there are fewer things parents should worry about these days, right? Let this be a relief, too, the English advice with a wink.


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