10 Things To Do Once A Year

Take care of health, home, finance and other areas of life.
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June 14, 2020



Check health

Go see a therapist, even if you have nothing to hurt. It will assess your condition and give recommendations according to age, heredity and lifestyle. It is possible to send for examinations if he suspects any disease at an early stage. But to the dentist visit more often - once every six months. It is necessary to heal small holes in time and do professional brushing of teeth.

Also, check your fitness on your own. Do some exercise and evaluate your results. Everyone's options may have their own: for example, someone is more important than speed, and someone - flexibility. Either way, it's a good way to figure out what you're working on.



Take your pet to the vet

Perhaps all pet owners dream so they can talk. Including to report your well-being. Until people have learned how to translate meowing, barking and twitter into human language, it is better to rely on preventive measures. Experts advise to take the pet for examination to the veterinarian once a year, and if a cat or dog is more than seven years old, then every six months. The doctor will make tests and necessary vaccinations - it will help to detect problems in time or prevent them altogether.



Analyze your finances

Financial health also needs to be monitored. So once a year, evaluate your monetary position and set new goals if you reach the old ones. See how the conditions in the banks have changed. You may find better deals on cards, deposits and other services. Check your credit history at the same time. This will come in handy if you plan to take out a loan or mortgage in the near future.



Doing general cleaning

Take care of the accumulated things and get rid of what has become unnecessary. Gradually walk through all the cupboards and shelves: with clothes, dishes, books, food. Do not forget to look in the boxes, where you usually add all sorts of little things: they probably find something that it is time to get rid of.

Move the fridge, stove and washing machine away from the walls and wash behind them carefully - usually we don't pay attention to these places and there's a lot of dust and debris piling up. Think about where else you rarely clean, and clean these places.



Restore order in digital life

Take your mail, documents and photos, delete apps, movies, and music. Then go on your social networks and unsubsite from those with whom you have stopped communicating or whom you are simply no longer interested in reading. At the same time, check your privacy settings and the rights of different apps.



Clean carpets and ups ups and downs

This can be done during general cleaning, and you can separately - so as not to take on everything at once. Carpets, rugs and soft furniture collect dust and pet hair, even if you vacuum regularly. So choose a day when you will not interfere with the household, and arm yourself with cleaning products. Ideally, you need a special steam cleaner for carpets or a vacuum cleaner with such function. Treat the stains and let the cleaner act. Then slide the furniture off the carpet and start cleaning.

Sofas and armchairs would also be good to handle by a steam worker. Before applying the product to all the upsize, test it in an undetectable place and make sure it doesn't spoil the color. Try not to add too much of it so that the fabric does not get wet: because of excess moisture may appear mold.



Check the wheels of the car

In general, how often to check and repair the car depends on how much you drive. But every average motorist should check once a year to check the collapse- convergence. Properly adjusted angles of the wheel installation strongly affect the stability and handling of the machine. In addition, it affects the details inside, so that, in time to do prevention, you will save time and money.



Remember what seemed impossible last year

Sometimes we find ourselves in a situation from which, at first glance, there is no way out. Nevertheless, we learn from it and move on. Remind yourself of what used to seem insurmountable and impossible. This will allow you to see that you are able to cope with a variety of problems and not to dwell on difficulties.



Go to places you've never been before

It may be a new city, a country or even a corner in your area, which you have long wanted to see, but still did not find time for it. Even if you have a very busy schedule, try to afford at least one trip to recharge. You will get new impressions and emotions, expand your horizons, meet new people.



Ask yourself if you are happy

In everyday hectic we forget about it, so once a year check yourself. If the answer is no, think about what you need to do to change your life and be happier. And then act.

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