10 Features Of Viber You May Not Have Known About

Message translator, sticker editor, invisible mode, and other non-obvious messenger functions.
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June 13, 2020



Hide personal chats


If necessary, you can hide the correspondence with the chosen user. It will disappear from the list of dialogues and will be protected from anyone who has access to a smartphone except you.

To hide the chat, hold a touch (Android) on it or swipe it to the left (iOS) and select "Hide." Then enter any PIN. After that, the dialogue can only be found through the search form. And his messages will no longer be viewed without entering a PIN or using a fingerprint scanner.

If you change your mind and want to make the hidden dialogue ordinary, open it and do the following. Click on the top three points and select "Information" (Android). Or tap on the username at the top, followed by information and settings (iOS). Then click "Make the chat visible."



Read the messages discreetly


Viber can be set up so that users don't know if you're viewing their messages or not. Useful for cases when it does not come out immediately to give an answer and you worry that the interlocutor will be offended.

To do this, click "Still" and "Settings" and "Privacy" and disable the "Reviewed" option. As a result, Viber will stop displaying purple ticks next to the messages, which confirm the reading.

This feature has the opposite effect: you won't know if other users are viewing your messages either.



Hide your online status


Viber shows other users if you are online. This can get in the way when you don't want to respond to certain contacts. Fortunately, the app allows you to hide your current network status.

If you want to become invisible, click "Still" and "Settings" and "Privacy" and disable the "On the Net" option. After that, outsiders won't know when you're using Viber. But at the same time you won't be able to see which of the other users online.

You can change your network status settings no more than once a day.



Hide photos from strangers


You may not want your profile picture to be accessed by an outsider. In that case, hide it. Click "Still" and "Settings" and "Privacy" and disable "Show My Photo." After that, only people on your contact list will see the avatar.



Keep a backup of the correspondence


If you break, steal or change your smartphone, you may lose your correspondence history. To prevent this from happening, set up an automatic creation of its copies.

If you have Android, make sure you have a Google Drive app installed on your device. Viber will keep backups in it. If you have an iPhone, you'll need iCloud to back up. Check to see if it's set up correctly. To do this, open your phone settings, click on the username, select iCloud and make sure the switches next to iCloud Drive and Viber are activated.

Whether you have Android or iOS, click viber's "Still" and "Settings" and "Account" and select daily copy creation. You can then recover the history of chats from the files on the server if necessary. It should be added that the system reserves only text messages, the rest of the materials are not saved.



Use a built-in translator


Viber is able to translate text directly in the chat. This feature is sure to come in handy if you're texting foreigners.

To translate a message, hold a tap on it and select "Transfer" (Android) or "Still" and "Translate" (iOS). Viber uses Google Translate technology to process the text.

The system defines the original language automatically, and the translation language can be selected in the "More" section, "Settings" - "Calls and Messages" and "Message Translation."



Create your own stickers


Viber users can easily create unique stickers right inside the app. Moreover, the messenger allows you to place them in a public catalog, where your creativity will be available to everyone.

So far, the sticker editor has only been added to the Android version of Viber. To use it, open any chat, click on the sticker icon, then on the plus and select "Create stickers." You can insert any image from the gallery, cut out the desired fragment, add text and various decorations.



Send a photo in high quality


By default, Viber compresses the sent pictures to "good" quality. If you want the images to look better, click "More" and "Settings" and "Data and Multimedia" and select "Excellent."

You can also send images as high as possible. To do this, click on the three-point chat menu, then "File" (Android) or "Send a file without compression" (iOS) and select the right photos in the gallery.



Make group calls


Viber has become popular thanks in large part to the ability to make free Internet calls. Initially, the messenger connected only two users, but since last year, you can communicate in voice with four interlocutors at the same time.

To have a conversation with multiple people, first open the chat list. Then use the round button and select "New Group" (Android). Or just click on the icon in the top right corner (iOS). Mark up to four interlocutors and click on the purple tick or "Ready."

To call the chosen people, log in to the group you've created and use the tube icon.




Viber can automatically store all videos and photos sent to the gallery. In the Android version, this feature is active by default. Turn it off if you don't want the messenger to jam the device's memory with media. Click "Still" and "Settings" and "Data and Multimedia" and check with "Save in the Gallery."

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