Maya Gorban

Born 23 April, 1992 ( 32 years old) in Moscow, Russia .

What is the zodiac sign of Maya Gorban ?
According to the birthday of Maya Gorban the astrological sign is Taurus .

Maya Gorban's Height is 180 cm. ( 5 ft 10 ins).

Currently, Maya Gorban is Single.

Occupation: cinema, actress, theater.

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October 05, 2020

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Maya Gorban, a Russian theater and film actress, has rapidly burst into the world of Russian art. The talented and beautiful girl was immediately noticed by directors and viewers. Maya appeared on the screens in 2012, and in 2017 she was entrusted with the main role in the mini-series, which premiered on the Russia-1 TV channel.



Childhood and youth

Maya is a rising star in Russian cinema. Therefore, in her biography there are many blank spots that film lovers have to fill. Maya Sergeevna Gorban was born in the midst of spring, in April 1992. The actress is a native Muscovite. Her parents and grandparents lived in the capital. Who are they in their specialty and whether they are related to theater and cinema is a mystery. That's all there is to know about Maya and her family.

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After graduating from the capital's school, the girl entered GITIS. The Muscovite was enrolled in the course of the People's Artist of the USSR, theater director and teacher Alexei Vladimirovich Borodin, under whose leadership Maya Gorban received the basics of acting and took to the stage. At the age of 21, she became a certified actress.



Personal life

Maya Gorban is a happy owner of an excellent figure: with a height of 1.8 m, she weighs 57 kg. A slender brunette with brown eyes, talented and in demand in theater and cinema, does not feel a shortage of fans. But the girl is not yet married, and nothing is known about the appearance of a husband and children.

Who is next to the beautiful actress, there is no information: Maya does not flaunt joint photos with men and does not talk about her personal life. In those pictures that appear on Maya Gorban's Facebook and Instagram pages, there are only colleagues in theater and cinema.




Maya Gorban made her debut on the stage. After receiving a diploma from RATI - GITIS, the young actress was accepted into the troupe of the Moscow Academic Theater of Satire. For the first time, the girl appeared on stage in her student years. In the educational theater of the university Gorban played Maria-Korolina in the production of "Saturday, Sunday, Monday" and Anyuta in the play based on the play by Anton Chekhov "My Life".

In the Theater of Satire, Maya Gorban loudly declared herself, having played Hetera - the Corinthian in Lysistratus, Murena Sheptalskaya in the play The Suitcase and Anard in The Dog in the Manger. Then the actress was entrusted with roles in the productions of Roads that Choose Us and Wedding in Malinovka.

The actress combines acting in a movie with going on the stage. The girl is not planning to leave the stage for the sake of cinema. Appearance on television brings fame, but the theater gives a feeling of close and lively connection with the audience. In the Satire Theater, Maya Gorban has an interesting repertoire, colleagues love her for her sparkling humor and gentle character.

Now the actress has a busy theatrical schedule. Maya Gorban takes to the stage 2-3 times a week, she has vivid roles in the performances "Dog in the Manger", "My Fair Lady" and "Suitcase". The performances take place on the main stage of the Satire Theater.




The cinematic biography of Maya Gorban started later than the theatrical one. The actress made her film debut in 2014 in the cameo role of Ali's secretary in the melodrama "My Sister, Love". The masters Igor Bochkin, Anna Legchilova and Lyudmila Gavrilova played alongside the young actors. Maya, watching the game of venerable colleagues, gained invaluable experience on the set, comparing it to the stage.

In 2015, Maya Gorban got into a rating project that turned many of the actress's young colleagues into stars of Russian cinema. In the 5th season of the comedy sitcom Kitchen, Maya got the cameo role of a salesman in a jewelry store.

The artist was less fortunate than her older colleague and namesake Maria Gorban (the actress is not a sister), who was reincarnated in the film as the heroine Kristina Semyonovna, the owner of the Claude Monet restaurant. But the experience of working in such a popular series, where the masters (Dmitry Nazarov, Dmitry Nagiev) gathered, turned out to be invaluable.

In 2017, a breakthrough was outlined in the career of a Muscovite: Maya Gorban starred in three large-scale projects that brought her recognition.

In the joint Russian-Polish-Ukrainian TV series "The Cycle" Maya got a supporting role. The premiere of the melodrama took place in March 2017 on the Russia-1 TV channel.

The main characters of the 24-episode film were played by young stars of Russian cinema Ekaterina Kuznetsova, Roman Polyansky, Alexei Anischenko and Alexei Demidov. There was a place in the melodrama for the masters Egor Beroev, Daria Mikhailova and Igor Bochkin.

In the second project - the 2-part melodrama "The Mistake of Youth" directed by Sergei Lyalin - Maya Gorban was entrusted with a bright role. With the main characters of the tape, played by Alexey Barabash and Irina Nizina, Maya appears twice as often as in the previous project.

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The starring role went to Maya Gorban in the third tape - a 4-episode melodrama directed by Stanislav Nazirov "Can I hug you?"

The action-packed film was released on the central channel "Russia-1" in mid-October 2017 and attracted the attention of hundreds of thousands of fans of melodramatic stories. It is not surprising, because the heroine of Maya, Anya Anisimova, her film mother Liza (Ekaterina Rednikova) and the handsome Gera (Yevgeny Shirikov) fell into a love triangle.

Ani Anisimova's grandmother was played by Elena Tsyplakova in the film. The drama, unfolding on the shore of the warm sea, riveted the attention of the audience, and Maya Gorban brought her first fame, giving her a taste of fame.

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Soon, another bright work appeared in the artist's filmography - a role in the melodrama "Birch" about the most popular dance group of the Soviet Union during the 80s.

In the film, Maya was lucky to work on the same set with Alexei Serebryakov, Maria Poroshina, Sergei Shakurov. Despite the fact that Gorban's role was not the biggest, the actress is pleased with the result.

In 2018, the performer appeared in another project - the melodrama "Day Ahead". Here Maya managed to enter the leading ensemble, playing the role of the daughter of the main characters.



Maya Gorban now

2019 gave the actress the opportunity to appear in the detective series "Cage for a Cricket", based on the novel of the same name by Anna Malysheva.

Elena Velikanova, Maxim Shchegolev, Lyubov Germanova starred in the film, in which it was a question of the mysterious murder of a biologist. The typical robbery with accidental murder turns out to be a crime involving the search for ancient relics. The investigation reaches a dead end, and further unraveling of the case poses a threat to the lives of the investigators themselves.

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Pleasant news for the fans of the artist was her appearance in the title role in the detective story "Death in the lens". The series premiered in early May 2020. Heroine Gorban, photographer Valeria Azarov, is experiencing the death of her husband.

All the facts point to the murder, which the girl begins to independently investigate together with the insurance investigator Felix Fischer (Peter Nesterov). Sympathy arises between the main characters, which develops into a strong feeling.

Now Maya Gorban is working on the next painting "The Pythagorean Theorem", where Alexander Ratnikov and Yegor Beroev are also involved.




2014 - "My sister, Love" 2015 - "Kitchen" 2017 - "Cycle" 2017 - "Can I hug you?" 2017 - "The mistake of youth" 2018 - "The day is ahead" 2019 - "Cage for a cricket" 2020 - "Death through the lens"



Net Worth

Maya Gorban 's estimated Net Worth, Salary, Income, Cars, Lifestyles & many more details have been updated below.

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Maya Gorban Net Worth 2021

Maya Gorban 's revenue is $ 1.9M in 2021. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Maya Gorban and could vary in the range between $ 938.1K - $ 1.7M.

Year Estimation
December 2021 $ 52.6K - $ 151.2K
November 2021 $ 72.3K - $ 132.2K
October 2021 $ 70.4K - $ 123.9K
September 2021 $ 51K - $ 156.9K
August 2021 $ 50.4K - $ 144.3K
July 2021 $75.2K - $134.8K
June 2021 $73.5K - $105.4K
May 2021 $52.5K - $100.4K
April 2021 $46.2K - $108.8K
March 2021 $70.3K - $94.8K
February 2021 $79K - $112.4K
January 2021 $72.1K - $138.9K


Maya Gorban Net Worth 2020

Maya Gorban 's revenue is $1.6M in 2020. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Maya Gorban and could vary in the range between $718K - $1.9M.

Year Estimation
December 2020 $70.1K - $102.5K
November 2020 $49.5K - $119.8K
October 2020 $61.9K - $133K
September 2020 $52.8K - $122.6K
August 2020 $56.5K - $109K
July 2020 $83.2K - $93.3K
June 2020 $49.9K - $131.7K
May 2020 $72.6K - $139.3K
April 2020 $75.3K - $158.1K
March 2020 $46K - $117.6K
February 2020 $71.1K - $112.8K
January 2020 $83.2K - $127.2K


Maya Gorban Net Worth 2019

Maya Gorban 's revenue is $1.5M in 2019. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Maya Gorban and could vary in the range between $636.6K - $1.9M.

Year Estimation
December 2019 $82.5K - $142.1K
November 2019 $61.4K - $125.8K
October 2019 $54.2K - $84.4K
September 2019 $83.1K - $100.3K
August 2019 $79.6K - $151.2K
July 2019 $50.4K - $95.7K
June 2019 $54.1K - $129.8K
May 2019 $67.9K - $115.9K
April 2019 $44.5K - $132.8K
March 2019 $82.1K - $113K
February 2019 $50.4K - $135.8K
January 2019 $81.3K - $118K


Maya Gorban Net Worth 2018

Maya Gorban 's revenue is $1.3M in 2018. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Maya Gorban and could vary in the range between $615.9K - $1.3M.

Year Estimation
December 2018 $47.5K - $129.9K
November 2018 $82.6K - $147.9K
October 2018 $59.2K - $123.2K
September 2018 $42.9K - $159.9K
August 2018 $53.8K - $114.7K
July 2018 $80K - $145.5K
June 2018 $62.3K - $154.8K
May 2018 $50.7K - $115.3K
April 2018 $75.6K - $96.5K
March 2018 $51.8K - $89.7K
February 2018 $62.1K - $85.1K
January 2018 $75.7K - $158K


Maya Gorban Net Worth 2017

Maya Gorban 's revenue is $1.9M in 2017. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Maya Gorban and could vary in the range between $964.9K - $1.6M.

Year Estimation
December 2017 $60.4K - $98.8K
November 2017 $66K - $98.4K
October 2017 $69.8K - $140.4K
September 2017 $43K - $138.5K
August 2017 $59.9K - $123.5K
July 2017 $56.5K - $108.5K
June 2017 $74.5K - $105.6K
May 2017 $49K - $127.3K
April 2017 $53.9K - $94.3K
March 2017 $69.4K - $98.7K
February 2017 $57.1K - $131.6K
January 2017 $70.3K - $119.2K


Maya Gorban Net Worth 2016

Maya Gorban 's revenue is $1.5M in 2016. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Maya Gorban and could vary in the range between $977.9K - $1.4M.

Year Estimation
December 2016 $71.1K - $89.2K
November 2016 $73.4K - $137.9K
October 2016 $54.2K - $94.1K
September 2016 $51K - $140K
August 2016 $73.6K - $123.5K
July 2016 $44.5K - $100.7K
June 2016 $78.8K - $103.7K
May 2016 $56.3K - $156.6K
April 2016 $71.1K - $163.4K
March 2016 $82.2K - $93.6K
February 2016 $53.7K - $158K
January 2016 $80.5K - $88.3K


Maya Gorban Net Worth 2015

Maya Gorban 's revenue is $1M in 2015. It is an approximate forecast of how rich is Maya Gorban and could vary in the range between $584.2K - $1.6M.

Year Estimation
December 2015 $72.4K - $152.1K
November 2015 $43.1K - $157K
October 2015 $72.3K - $87.1K
September 2015 $52.7K - $124.6K
August 2015 $78.6K - $119.2K
July 2015 $66K - $154.9K
June 2015 $68.7K - $163.3K
May 2015 $51.3K - $143.5K
April 2015 $79K - $94.3K
March 2015 $65.8K - $88.4K
February 2015 $47.9K - $88.5K
January 2015 $42.6K - $143.9K


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