Zhizn Vperedi Review (Tragicomedy, 2017)

Learn more about the movie "Zhizn vperedi" released in 2017. Honestly review and critics. Is it worthing to watch "Life Ahead"?
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Zhizn Vperedi - Storyline, Actors And Ratings

The movie "Zhizn vperedi" is a tragicomedy production.

IMDB rated the movie with 6.8 / 10.

According to Google Users - 89% of the people watched the movie liked the story.

Director: Karen Oganesyan Actors: Maxim Vitorgan, Svetlana Khodchenkova, Arthur Smolyaninov, Olga Medynich, Alexander Pal, Yulia Alexandrova, Yegor Koreshkov, Denis Shvedov, Sergey Burunov, Pavel Priluchny, Valeria Kozhevnikova, Elizabeth Martinez Cardenas

Fees in Russia: $ 1.9 million. Very uneven and damp, but quite funny.

The film is simply terrible, there is no plot, one vulgarity, and an abomination. Zero actors. Nata I liked everything very much, the operator is especially good, and, of course, Kurtsev is inimitable in Svetlana Sveta, there is no Kurtsev there. The difficult recognition of the cat Bagel Greater senility should still try to remove. There is no plot. A bunch of, like, not the worst actors .. Surprised Khodchenkova How did she agree to star in such crap after the Vikings? Or is there not enough money? Sucks, no plot. Mat and closeup of the genitals. Arthur Arthur, there are no genitals either close-up or small. And there is practically no mat, and what is. The second difficult recognition of the cat Bagel. Why Russian cars are like that? Because each person does not give a shit about the result and their own business. One did not tighten the sound insulation, the other did not tighten the bolt. So in everything - well, look! This is all done at once.



Zhizn Vperedi Review

Company thirty-five-year-old exes classmates from the 11th "B" for some reason going to his funeral Classmate Lehi, who died drunkenness, - they were invited to these funerals Oleg (Sergei Burunov). Gynecologist Sergei Tyulenev (Egor Koreshkov) arrived at the funeral with accidentally met shortly before classmate Maria (Olga Medinich), who's an exemplary family man, but still pore dries on the school handsome bully Mishka (Paul The beam), and by Mary herself still Sealenev dries.

Misha at the funeral showed up with spectacular dark-skinned lady (Elizabeth Martinez Cardenas), with which he defiantly fucks almost in public -- apparently believing that he would all be scared Envy.

Former wimp Igor (Denis Swedes), which has become very cool and wealthy, brings to the funeral Grisha's former school storm, nicknamed Kisel (Arthur Smolyaninov). Grisha after school went to bandits, engaged in racketeering and looting, but then suddenly believed in God and managed to jump off by giving Bandit friends all he had. And now Gregory is holding meetings which encourage people to believe and give up all sorts of bad habits.

Beauty Galina (Yulia Alexandrova), who is couldn't find happiness in family life, because it doesn't understand with men, and at the same time desperately dreaming to get pregnant, to come to a meeting with his best friend Alla (Valeria Kozhevnikova) - she is pregnant with the third child from a perfectly perfect husband Vladimir (Maxim Vitorgan).

Quiet Genka (Alexander Pal) during the funeral also meets his school love - Lyudmila (Svetlana Khodchenkova). The one after school went somewhere in Europe to work model, but the funeral is not clear why after all, she showed up. European and mannered.

Of course, there will be booze and muzzle, and fuck-fuck, and remembering school grudges, and all that.


Of this movie from the very beginning specifically grew the ears of Jora Kryzovnikov, with one of the most successful Russian tapes of recent years - "Gorko." Here from "Bitter" - three key performers: Yulia Alexandrova (wife Jory Kryzovnikova, and he shoots her in all his films), Egor Koreshkov and Alexander Pal. In addition, the plot of "Life ahead" with the plot "Bitter" also in some aspects intersects: provincial town, universal booze (there was a wedding in "Bitter" but at its very what difference does it make where to get drunk: on wedding or funeral, right?), colorful characters from a variety of social strata, black humor and environment of some detachment Happening.

However in the film's description on "Kinopoisk" Goosebumps do not appear, although in some other bases he's listed scripted (e.g. on the site Ruskino.ru written, that the screenwriters are Jora Kryzhovnikov and Alexey Kazakov).

So Jora Kryzhovnikov is clearly had to do with the script, and why his The name of the writers has disappeared - it is unknown. There may have been some kind of conflict. between Kryzhovnikov and the director Ohanesian, but that's just an assumption.

To the same in the film shows that with the script he's in big trouble because the picture consists of several short stories, very conditionally related these funerals and meetings classmates, and for some characters storyline periodically monitors all-over paintings, and others that have been shown bright enough in his episode, then completely "drained" it looks at least strange.

When gynecologist Sergei right during the reception in a patient who has taken the appropriate posture recognized his classmate, in which, in general, still in love -- it was serious statement: I knew right away that it's going to be fun at least. (This one scene somehow recalled the episode of excellent TV series "Rake" where one of the heroines met her old acquaintance during swinger orgies.)

On went, a worthy novel with a believer bandit, played very well by Arthur Smolyaninov, and the twisted ex squish, perfectly depicted by Denis The Swede. It was pretty bright here, plus the director in this episode tried shove some broad social generalizations from the series "why do we have everything so bad" but since these sentiments Shvedova's character was born as a claim about the quality of its service prostitute - pathos somehow not very it worked, to be honest. It was funny, though. But these two characters after these novels just safely abandoned, and for good. It's a pity.

Character Paul Priebus with this dark-skinned man was clearly too grotesque, its clearly been too much, and the expected final performance at the wake of the series "You all -- shabby and greasy, and I'm handsome and poke at the chocolate bar" I didn't make an impression.

Wu Alexandra Palya with Svetlana Hodchenkova had a funny novel, but purely staged it was done rather slurred enough. Because it's kind of not very clear -- it's a horror movie, a drama or Comedy. The result was neither No, but Pal and Hodchenkova at least played it all well.

With Alexandrova's characters, Kozhevnikova, Vitorgan, and Central The Insemination Station history also It turned out to be pretty funny. Vitorgan he did a great job of being a great person. teddy husband who will do all that wife will say, but maybe a little overdone, an audition episode potential in semis at the wake was also quite cool.

What we have as a result? Very uneven movies with obvious problems and with the script, and with the staging, but I did not regret that I looked it up. It turned out to be live and at times a little crazy, and I love that. Besides, the actors are here. involved good and played them qualitatively, not sloppy.

Aftertaste the picture, in general, so-so - flaws you know in detail after viewing -- but looked not without pleasure and, you might say, Liked.

Hand out recipes from the series "If you liked the painting Bitter, I won't like it either" practice shows that similar recipes are rare.

So see for yourself - interesting you watch it or not. Negative reviews from viewers quite a lot (as in the case of Bitter), rating - very so-so. Everyone says that movies for fools and perverts. Sort of me and the cat Bublik.



Zhizn Vperedi - Trailer (Жизнь впереди — Трейлер )

• Страна: Россия

• Дистрибьютор: Централ Партнершип

• Режиссер: Карен Оганесян

• Жанр: драма, комедия

• В главных ролях: Артур Смольянинов, Светлана Ходченкова, Павел Прилучный, Александр Паль, Егор Корешков, Денис Шведов, Ольга Медынич

11-й "Б" впервые собирается вместе через 15 лет после выпуска, и эта встреча для одноклассников - удивительная возможность на короткое время вернуться в прошлое. Старые секреты и личные счеты, обиды и первая любовь оборачиваются водоворотом страстей.


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