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May 15, 2020

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Why Me? - Storyline, Actors And Ratings

The movie "Why Me?" is a Comedian production.

Director: Gene Quintano
Actors: Christopher Lloyd, Christopher Lambert, Kim Greist



Why Me? Review

"Two professional burglars stole a ruby with a terrible curse placed on it. Weak, very weak" - I read the video Guide on the site and was happy because this film is one of my favorite comedies. Which once again proves the undeniable fact - do not trust the critics! Well, you shouldn't trust the critics! At least to the point where you don't want to watch a movie that they don't recommend. 

But you can trust me. Because I'm one of us! One of the audience, not the critics. So my impressions of the film are not much different from those of Tolyan, Kolyan, or your sister's friend. I'm the only one, in contrast to Anatol or Kohl, to present his impressions on paper. And I don't use the words "subjective polymorphism," "aesthetic decadence," "correlation with pseudo-postmodernism," or any of the other professional jargon that critics love to use, because it is understandable to other critics (but not to readers). So let's talk a little bit about this film, without looking back at the criticism...

On the website of the video Guide, this film for some reason belongs to the genre of "Action/Adventures". Although it might as well be called an action movie as a picture of" Hudson's hawk "or"if beauty killed." Well, with a big stretch, this movie can be called a "parody action movie", because many comedies are actually a parody of some genre. However, on the IMDB site, this film is not assigned to any category at all.

Why? Who the hell knows? Ask them.

So we are dealing with Comedy. A young and very talented safecracker (a specialist in opening safes) Gus Cardinal (Christopher Lambert) and his friend Bruno Daly (Christopher Lloyd) Rob a rich Armenian jewelry store. Among the loot is found a ruby of incredible size, which Gus takes for a fake (it is too big) and throws it into a bucket. But later it turns out that this is a real and very famous ruby that was stolen by the New Armenian Liberation Party at the moment when the US government handed it over to the Turks (the stone is a national treasure of Turkey). And now Gus is being hunted by fanatics from the New Armenian Liberation Party, and the Turks, and the police in the person of captain Mahoney (D. T. Walsh), and fellow criminals, who were given a big coup by the police because of the missing ruby.

And Gus, who has just decided to settle down, start an honest life and marry Bruno's daughter - June (Kim Greist), is forced to solve a difficult question: how to do so to please everyone. After all, if he returns the ruby to one person, the others will put him in prison at best, and at worst - just kill him. To cope with this situation, Gus is helped by his inseparable friend Bruno, who, in fact, does more harm than good. Of course, in the end, everything ended in a happy ending, so everyone died the most painful death possible.

The picture is a remake of a French film (as, indeed, many other American films), but I have not seen the original, so I can not say whether the remake turned out better or worse. In my opinion, a very nice, funny and witty Comedy with excellent acting. Well, Christopher Lloyd is good everywhere. He looks great here, portraying negotiator peasant, who is still trying to help Gus, but only prevents. Before this movie (and it is already ten years old) I saw Christopher Lambert only in the first "Highlander", where I did not like him at all, so a pleasant surprise was his role in this picture: Lambert proved (if not to the critics, then at least to me, and I didn't care about the critics) that he was quite up to Comedy roles.

Kim Greist as June-it's hard to say anything definite... At first, I thought she was a very slow Kim Basinger, but I quickly realized that I was mistaken. But she's okay, too.

The film has many good moments and parody finds. The most super is a fanatical aunt from the New Armenian Liberation Party. And the scene when the police come for Gus to take him to the stand, and Gus can't take off his finger ring with this ruby - just brilliant!

So I highly recommend watching this cute, dynamic, and really funny Comedy. By the way, in General style and mood, it is very similar to "Hudson's hawk", so if you like "Hawk", then "Why me?" should like it. And if you think" Hawk " is a complete waste and disgusting cheap, well, then do not watch this movie, so as not to spit on the screen.

However, the question arises - where to buy it, except on pirated cassettes? According to the video Guide, "Premier video film" bought a license to replicate this film. But in the catalog of "Premiere" it, unfortunately, is not. Therefore, this note is preceded not by the cover image of the cassette, but by the cassette itself.

One can console - this is the tape on which I recorded the film "Why me?"



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An action/comedy starring: Christopher Lambert, Christopher Lloyd, Kim Greist, and J.T. Walsh. Released in 1990.

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