UNrequited Love-fuckinp3rvin_again

The Story

Hello! I am writing this post because I have no one to share my thoughts with ... but I am tormented. I am 18 years old. My high school years were spent in a very strong attraction to one person. There were people who were interested in me, but I rejected them in stupid ways. And there was always a boy in my mind. I couldn't take my eyes off the first moment I saw him. He was not handsome, but he radiated calm and poise. He wasn't one of the "popular" ropes who treated me badly, but he was still friends with them. Somehow, without knowing him, I started thinking only about him. Now he has a girlfriend, much much more beautiful than me. And it still hurts, and I know it's not normal anymore. I want all this to stop ... But how? !? I know it's not love when only one is attracted. But I care about him, despite, that we do not know each other. Please advise me something, or just leave your opinion ...

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August 25, 2020