The Partner.

The Story

I got stuck with some women muttering against the men. One of them said: Look here is not the place for personal dramas. It wasn't true. But here it is. I had two serious relationships. Both ended in the same way. At the first one I would get married. But 18 days before the wedding and the day before we sent the invitations, she gave up, she thought. Whatever I was saying made sense. She still didn't care that she was the one who wanted a wedding before. He really changed his mind overnight. She loved me, but she didn't want to be with me. Reason, because so. The second one looked like a very good girl, quietly, modestly, diligently listening to me carefully, not arguing. She had come from another city, she wanted a new beginning. We lived together. Dream woman. He had a well-paid job and a loyal friend by his side. But he interfered with alcohol, quit his job, radically changed turned against my family and had to leave home. I was extremely disappointed with the women. Now I'm thinking, I don't know exactly when. And most of all, I don't think I can meet anyone on my own. My job takes up 90% of the time. It doesn't work with websites, there are no agencies in my city. I will try an experiment whatever happens. It will start with an advertisement posted on poles and noticeable things near the student dormitories. Which states that a woman under 30 is looking for a part-time housework. Since I expect to see this ad of 2,000 people, I think at least one will call. After he called. We will find out where to meet and start an interview. Considering that the woman meets some minimum conditions. We will understand when to come. When she comes, I'll show her how my day off goes. I'll order her to make breakfast, I will offer her help. I will urge her to sit down to eat with us. We will go shopping. We will come back and order her to make coffee / cocoa and I will insist that she sit with us to drink it. I will tell her that the working hours are over. And I can take her or stay for dinner. If she decides to leave, I will give her BGN 10 and take her. Leaving her, I will ask her, if she has performed well, to look for her more. If yes. Probably next week, given that there are no others willing to be interviewed. When it's my turn, I'll call her. And we will understand. This time we will get along in the evening. With the option to sleep in the guest room. Because I will need it for the next day. In case of refusal. I'll tell her that today I only have an hour to do dinner and eat. So you can win easily or leave. He must know from the beginning that he will win a reward for a certain behavior. In case he agrees and stays the next day for dinner. She will be offered to stay longer. Every day he is with me and performs, he will receive a reward. It is worth noting that she will probably be a hard-working student who has expenses for food and accommodation. Let's just say she stayed home for a week and I don't have a problem with her. I'll offer her out. The next day again. And so at some point we will relax it will come to a kiss. Then I will offer her my room. It definitely has more amenities. But he will give something else. Because he is a human being and there is always a conflict between two people. If something gets stuck - he will meet verbal resistance. Then verbal aggression - raising your voice, clenching your teeth, threats, withdrawal, failure to receive finances, until come next. Thus, an average intellectual girl will understand how to behave. Because he will get positive and negative relationships, I think it will lead to an intertwining of fear and love. One of the rewards if she is a student will be to pay her semester fees. I will not stop her from developing, I will even help her. Let's say she's good, she wants more money from me - I'll tell her no. But if it is really urgent, they will be given as an advance. I will take care of her. But limited. What she can do alone will not be done for her. Let's say he asked for an outside job. I'll help her find it. But when he starts his work. My attitude towards her will change. I will continue to give her money. I won't want her. I will take into account that she is tired and so on, I will help her more. Let's say that one year, behaves decently. He will gain trust and I can think of a child. In general, because I am prejudiced against women. I do not expect it to seek development. Like studying hard or working externally. That's why I will be mentoring. If she still tries to develop, she will earn my respect and my attitude towards her will be different. I really want it, but I don't hope for 1 year, except for trust, to earn respect and to accept it as equal.

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November 11, 2020