Sweden, Germany Or Poland?

The Story

Where would be best for work and life I have an autoimmune thyroid disease and health is important to me. In Germany, people put a lot of pressure to work 10 hours a day, and for me, 8 is a lot of stressful work. German has soooo long compound words, while Polish has 7 cases! The Swedish has no maturities and put opr. article glued to the end of the word like us, but the pronunciation will be the most difficult. In Poland, on the other hand, it is safest, without terrorism. In each of the three I will prefer smaller cities. Sweden may have more sunny days a year than Central Europe, but winter days are almost just night. On the other hand, summer, autumn and late spring are sunnier than the German and Polish ones (even London is sunnier than Berlin and Warsaw in general for the year!).

Last Updated
November 01, 2020