Should I Close The Page Of Family Life?

The Story

Hello, I have been thinking for a long time whether to share my story ... It continues today ... I have been married for 16 years and we have two wonderful children ... I thought I was happy to have the blessing to have a home and family, understanding and love . Loved and I reciprocated the love, I gave my best, everything ... I even gave my soul. He broke everything ... dreams, love, trust, faith, life, everything ... It all started last fall, with the arrival of his new colleague and fell in love with her ... His impudence was so great that he used me as a friend to share it with me. It's one thing to cheat, it's quite another to share your feelings and desires for another woman ... It's awful. It's humiliating for me ... When I told him what I thought. The nightmare began. Insults, humiliations no matter where we are, at home, visiting friends, colleagues. What did i experience I only know what words I heard about myself and how I experienced it ... And the worst thing is that I started to treat the children in the same way, it hurts me the most. When I wanted to talk, he just went out ... All this remained unclear ... He came home one night and told me that things were getting out of hand. That he would go abroad to save our marriage. He wanted me to wait for him ... He fixed his documents in a month and left. And when he was gone, many more lies and truths came to light ... I am alone with many questions. I can't talk about feelings for him, there are just no such feelings. Before he closed the door, he repeated to me that he wanted me to wait for him ... I am his wife. He made fun of me until the end ... When he returns to the door, he will be greeted by a woman with an empty look and a piece of ice in her chest, instead of a heart ... From there to where I do not know. Do children bother me? I know that sooner or later they will go their own way. I don't want to hurt them or confuse them with my decisions. Now they are the whole world I have, they are the meaning, the air, the sun and my life ... Should I close the page of family life? Or should I continue to write in it in the name of the children? ...

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October 06, 2020