Le Premier Jour Du Reste De Ta Vie Review (Tragicomedy, 2020)

Learn more about the movie "Le premier jour du reste de ta vie" released in 2008. Honestly review and critics. Is it worthing to watch "Le premier jour du reste de ta vie"?
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June 15, 2020

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Le Premier Jour Du Reste De Ta Vie - Storyline, Actors And Ratings

The movie "Le premier jour du reste de ta vie" is a tragicomedy production.
IMDB rated the movie with 8.0 / 10.
According to Google Users - 85% of the people watched the movie liked the story.
Director: Remy Besancon
Actors: Gilles Lellouche, Jacques Gumblen, Zabu Brightman, Deborah Francois, Marc-Andre Gronden, Pio Marmay, Roger Dumas, Cecile Kassel, Stanley Weber, Sarah Cohen-Hadria, Camille De Pazzi Wonderful.
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Le Premier Jour Du Reste De Ta Vie Review

Director Remy Bezanson has long planned to film a family tragicomedy, telling about a very small period of life of a French family. Inspired he, as he said in the interview, French and Italian family Comedies.

Bezanson wrote the script himself. And he's been thinking for a long time about the shape of what how can you put it in two hours one-decade-long family five people. He came up with the following. In the the beginning of the film briefly shows the whole family's previous history in the form of slicing from the family video. It's an old trick, that has been used in many films.

But after that, Beanson shows viewers five days, five episodes from different periods of life a family of five.

Head of the family - Robert Duvall (Jacques Gamblen). A man without special ambitions, he's been a taxi driver all his life. However, he is calm and reasonable, sound looks at things and doesn't consider himself Loser. Has one bad habit: smokes like a locomotive and can't with it Tie.

Robert's wife- Marie-Jeann Brightman). A pretty woman, a typical woman Housewife: She's been doing her whole life raising their three children and when children suddenly become self-reliant, completely lost because not knows what to do.

Their eldest son - Albert (Pio Marmay). Very expressive, short-tempered, has a hard character and various abdominals. Albert early becomes self-sufficient and prefers to move out of the big parents' house in a small room, his grandfather Pierre (Roger) Dumas), Robert's father.

In families, it is often the case that eldest son becomes a father's favorite, And the youngest is his mother's favorite. But here that didn't happen. Robert is very suffers from the fact that his father's whole life is not drew the slightest attention to him, however, his family something similar happens between him and Albert.

The middle son is Rafael (Marc-Andre Gronden). A quiet, humble fellow, prone to any dream. He's always trying find yourself, but somehow does not find.

The youngest daughter - Fleur (Deborah Francois). Charming girl as a child and difficult teenager at the appropriate age. Unsuccessfully selected first guy, categorical misunderstanding with the mother, teenage depression and others, related to this age, problems.

Bezanson focuses on five key events from the life of the whole Family: Albert's move, first love Raphael Fleur, trying to become independent, Albert's wedding, problems of Robert and Marie-Jeann.

Actually, what's going on in this family, not particularly original Different. The vast majority families face the same: children's growing up and leaving home, difficult age with no understanding, crisis in relations parents, trying to find themselves in life, disappointments, successes, failures, death, birth -- and then all in the same circle, that's what our life is all about.

Actors for starring roles Bezanson picked up for quite a long time. For robert Duvall's role he chose Jacques Gamblen - an experienced actor who starred in more than sixty films.

To me, Gamblen in this role is very liked: Robert, on the one hand, seems to be a quiet man and not particularly notable, but on the other -- it is evident that he has in life has a clear core and certain character that passed on to his eldest son.

By the way, the similarity of the name-name this hero with an American actor It's no coincidence that Robert Duval played out in one of the episodes. 

His wife was played by zaba Brightman: she's done almost seventy films, with nine paintings director and to seven of them wrote Script. 

In this film, Brightman played well, especially in episodes when her heroine manifests a crisis of medium Age. There, by the way, is in one of the scenes there was Gilles Lellouche -- he played little episodic role. Lellouche has already played Bezanson in the film "Love in the air." 

Albert's role was entrusted aspiring actor Pio Marmay is his first role in a feature film. The actor is just great: bright, characteristic, very persuasive. So what's going on? it will be interesting to look at it following roles -- he after this picture starred in ten films. 

The Dreamy Raphael Bezanson confided in the French-speaking Canadian Mark-Andre Gronden, which Besanson saw in one Canadian film. Gronden for the role had to work my pronunciation, because where does it come from boy from a family living in the suburbs Paris, suddenly could have appeared the chavean pronunciation.

Gronden also played simply wonderful: dreamy idleness, trying to find yourself, a great episode with "guitar" competition and acquaintance, which he would then remember a lot Years.

Deborah Francois Bezanson saw in "Child" by Jean-Pierre and Luke Dardenne, and then decided that it was she'll play Fleur.

Remy didn't lose, Deborah. perfectly portrayed a difficult teenager - just like on the notes.

It must be said that the film it's just masterful. Task the director was very difficult - try to lay down a two-hour story great family -- but he coped with it on It's cool. Despite the fact that the audience show just five episodes of life Duvale, at the end of the film seems to that you've known this family all your life.

An important role in the picture Music. Bezanson said he was still on stage of creating the script he's already about knew what compositions would sound in episode. Some of the works here written by the composer Sinclair, with which Beanson is collaborating Constantly. And also the songs sound Jennis Joplin, David Bowie and Lou Reed, that are great for events Movie.

Yes and the title of the film is a phrase featured in Fleur's diary, -- at most case is the name of a song by a French artist Etienne Dao "Le Premier Jour Du Reste De Ta Vie."

In general, I really liked it. It's a really good movie that It doesn't come across very often. Looked with great pleasure and urgent I recommend to everyone, and especially to the generation from the "who's in his thirties" series.

I'll be looking for the rest of the movies. Remy Bezanson - I really want to see what else he took off. 


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